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張簡翊珽 / Eisenberg

- 2017 graduated from National Chung Cheng University - Business Administration Bachelor

  I'm 張簡翊珽 - Eisenberg

『Not only to jump out of the comfort zone,
but to turn the original "challenging zone " into "new comfort zone"』

I once experienced Display Network Planner in JUKSY media, and being responsible for App Marketing Specialist in VoiceTube. My short-term career target is to get involved in more digital marketing skills, including product marketing, user operation and campaign management, and the long-term target for overall utilizing the online / offline resource, merging the CRM and user-growth marketing.

Looking forward to achieving O2O / OMO level and become manager position in five years.



VoiceTube Corporation                                                2019 / 05 - 2019 / 08  

Marketing Specialist

Being responsible for planning & executing the online campaign, cross-industry alliance cooperation, and cross-department coordination 

  • 【App Campaign】:「AI,請給分!」 Executed App free-trial online campaign (including planning the campaign process), in order to promote the new-launched function (AI 發音分析), and led to increasing the average daily users in App (DAU). 
    • 「AI,請給分!」Campaign Site:
      acquiring 1,500 attendants in only five days and the free-trial utilizing rate is 53% 
    • Collaborated with cross-department, including planning campaign site user journey and tracking code setting with RD team, discussing multi-channel banners and ensured the version via Zeplin with the design team 
    •  Increase average DAU 11% on App in the campaign period (from 8,967 to 9,955 users) 

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JUKSY Digital Media Co., Ltd                                            2018 / 05 - 2019 / 02 

Google Network Planner 

Operated Google DFP (Ad Manager) system to manage JUKSY website Ad placements, tracking Ads effectiveness and optimizing them accordingly. Meanwhile, negotiating CPM price with large-scale agencies like Groupm, VMfive, Innity, OneAD, Ad2...etc  

  • Proposed win-win buffer proposal options to maintain coordination with the high-profit agency out of the background of JUKSY CPM price increased 
  • Increasing 2018 Q2 to Q4 average Network revenue 40% up (from NT$ 349,345 to NT$ 493,229)

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awoo International Co., Ltd                                             2017 / 09 - 2018 / 04

【Intern】Google Ads Specialist  

Executed Google Ads system, which broadcasted Keywords Ads, plus managing Ad copywriting and analyzed the Ads flow via Google Analytics (GA) 
  • Utilized digital tools like Google Trend, Search Console, SimiliarWeb, Ahrefs to support clients' Ad campaign
  • Broadcasting Ads and copywriting in wide-range of industries clients, including "Plain-me"- clothing accessories, "amba"- resort industry & "jjfish"- seafood EC...etc 
  • Achieved high-quality result through Google Ads in a short-term project - Clicks:278 times, CVR (Conversion Rate):2.22%

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ITSEEED 14th Cultivating Program                             2016 / 12 – 2017 / 03

【Intern】Project Planner 

  • 【Project execution】:
    • Held the career-sharing session and planned the whole process in the preparation period, and hosted the campaign, creating double-sided interaction 
  •  【Hosting the career-sharing session】:
    •  Reached 90% originally-estimated attendant  95% attendant voted "Satisfied" about hosting and campaign run-down
    • 【Case Report】:

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Tools & Skillls

  • Google Ads, Google Ad Manager, Google Data Studio 
  • Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Trend
  • UTM, SimiliarWeb, Ahrefs (digital marketing tools)
  • Slack, Trello, Asana, Zoom (office tools)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator (Basic)
  • WOM marketing (word of mouth)
  • Language:
    • Mandarin (Native Speaker)
    • Taiwanese (Mother Tongue)
    • English:TOEIC:755、TOEFL:523

Special Experience

  • Content Marketing experience 
    • Composed over 45,000 reads blog post on Medium:(without Ads fee)
    • Attained significant applause on PTT - Salary
      (Taiwan Netizen forum) 
    • Accomplished 1st on Dcard hottest-post ranking (Taiwan college students forum)