余皓永(Aron Yu)

Ruby developer familiar with Rails with 3 years experience, all projects with reliable Unit testing. Developed two websites, one from scratch. Currently developing a Game server with Rails. A team player who is willing to share ideas and take opinions. Enjoy outdoor spots:  Surfing, Scuba diving, Snow boarding


backend engineer

工作經歷 Working Experience

Server Engineer, Akatsuki (Contractor), 2018/2 - now

協助開發手機遊戲的Api server, 在考量 server RPS 10000+ 的情況下與企劃討論並規劃各種功能的架構與實作, 例: 轉蛋功能, 好友功能, 送禮功能等.. 。 從中學習到應對巨量使用者的伺服器規劃以及不同面向的功能考量
Associating the developments  of game server, discussing/planning the structure and new features with game planner under the condition of server RPS 10000+, for example: gasha, friendship, gift sending. 

Backend Developer, 5FPRO, 2016/3 - 2018/2

伍樓專業就是個接案公司。 開發過的專案有 小安服飾品牌-Nude, 司改會-司法陽光網, 蔡英文競選官網-點亮台灣 ...等 在公司擔任後端開發與前端開發者合作一起打造產品, 公司全部成員皆為遠端工作, 在這樣的工作型態中 培養了獨立開發, 自己解決問題以及專案進度控管等能力
Outsourcing company. Developed projects: Nude (e-commerce website), 司法陽光網點亮台灣 (election website of current president of Taiwan). As a backend developer and work with front end developer. Cultivated the ability of solving problem independently and progress control as a remote worker.

執行專案 Projects Executed 

司法陽光網 (Open source sponsored by g0v)

A website provides judges and prosecutors information and history to help people get more involved in Taiwan Judicial system by examine and evaluate judges and prosecutors.

  •  判決書查詢 Verdict Search
    以爬蟲定期爬取法務部的文字資料, 分析並彙整其中的重要資料(人名, 角色) 建立判決書資料庫 方便他人搜尋(支援網頁及api 格式)
    Make a Web Crawler to scratch data from Ministry of Justice. Analyzing and organizing the data from verdict and stored it to database for user to search and advance usage (web and Api supported). 

  • 評鑑系統 Evaluation System
    開放 律師, 當事人, 旁觀者 三種角色 填寫實際參與開庭的感受, 再將收集及統整後的意見 作為改善台灣司法的數據資料
    Create 3 roles (lawyer, victim, observer) to fill up the form about their feeling of participating the court. Collecting and organizing the result for the use of Taiwanese Justice improvement.

使用到的技術 Techs:
Aws, Git, Rspec, Capybara, Rails, Redis, PostgreSql, Sidekiq

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販售美食的電子商務平台,提供商品供應商專用的後台,使其能進行商品上下架、訂單出貨管理。提供會員 VIP 購買功能,VIP 會員享有不同的價格優惠,且 VIP 非永久性,依不同價格有提供不同的期數給會員。另有飯團參加功能,參加者可選擇攜帶同行人數,飯團會依據參加者的客製化選項調整價格。會員購買商品達一定額度時,會贈送 VIP。

Online shopping website with backstage management system for suppliers and administrators to manage products listings, inventory and orders.  Member who accumulate certain purchase price will become VIP, VIP has discount price. Food travel tour purchase function that customers can choose participators' numbers and customize the tour which will differentiate the price.

  • 系統轉移 System Data Transfer
    將原本由Php寫成的網站改為使用Rails重刻, 在最大限度保留舊系統資料的條件下規劃開發新系統, 並在開發完成後一天之內完成新系統的資料轉移 
    Rebuild system from php to Rails. and import data from old DB to new one.

  • 功能開發 Function Development
    串接Tappay 金流, 金財通電子發票 並用Background Job處理會員過期, 商品自動上下架, 系統通知等任務
    Cascading Tappay cashflow, electronic invoicing and use background jobs to handle membership expiry, open product listing on assigned time, system notification. 

使用到的技術 Techs:

 Aws, Git, Rspec, Rails, Redis, PostgreSql, Sidekiq

Mobile Game Server

  • 功能開發 Feature Develop
    與 Client Engineer合作 實作遊戲各種功能, 思考如何讓使用者在多個shard DB的架構下能夠快速的存取到資料 
    Working with client engineer to develop the feature of the game.
    considering how to query db faster in multiple shard.
  • 優化工作流程 Optimize Workflow
    利用Jenkins製作部署工具 除了自動化部分工作流程以外也讓非工程師的同事可以自行部署及測試版本
    Using Jenkins to optimize the deploy tool and automate the workflow to let tool more friendly for all co-workers. 

使用到的技術 Techs:

Aws, Git, Rspec, Rails, Redis, MySql, Sidekiq,  Jenkins, Docker

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English: TOEIC 800

Japanese: Beginner


HTML5  CSS  Bootstrap 4 Javascript
Jquery Rails Sql Aws


GitHub Trello Slack Docker Jenkins  Zube


ALPHA Camp, Full Stack Web Development, 2014/11 - 2015/2

Learning web developement basic(RoR)

University of boras, Fashion Marketing, Exchange stundent, 2013/7 - 2014/2

Learning communicate and co-work with people from diferent culture

Fu Jen Catholic University, BA Fashion Marketing, 2009/9 - 2014/4

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