Taric Wu

I graduated from Tsinghua University Power Machanical Engineering dep. in 2011 and has more than seven years of work experience. I have more than three and a half years of work experience in Japan.
Currently holds a highly specialized (IT) visa with English (TOEIC 920) and Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N1).
I have been doing Software, algorithm development (automatic control related), English and Japanese communication, project management, and talent cultivation.



LYC Corporation, Lead Software Engineer, Aug 2016 ~ 現在

Development of cars' navigation system
Programming language: C/C++, platform: Linux (embedded system)

Development of railway station machine (ticket window processing machine, automatic passing gate machines, automatic voucher machines)
The station machines are used for: issuing bonds (various ticket types), refunding, going to station processing, leaving station processing, issuing tickets, sums of business calculating, etc.
Processable media: magnetic coupon, IC card, QR CODE paper coupon
Trading method: cash, IC card, credit card
According to current situation analysis , redistributing resources by AI.

Radar system, sonar system
Programming language: C/C++, platform: Linux (embedded system)
Development environment: Visual studio2019/Qt creator
display of real-time status, quick indication, map, image, etc.
Real-time big data processing

IT-FUTURE, Software engineer, Jun 2016 ~ Aug 2016

Development of a multinational remittance system
Programming language: C, platform: Windows7
Database: Oracle

MPI Corporation, Software engineer, Oct 2013 ~ May 2016

Development of semiconductor production equipment control program, whole plant automation production, material management.
Program language: C/C++/VB/C#, platform: WindowsXP/7
Development environment: Visual studio2010

MACTECH Corporation, Senior Software Engineer, Dec 2012 ~ Aug 2013

CNC numerical control processing machine, PC-BASE controller development.
Program language: C/C++, platform: Windows/Linux
Development environment: Visual studio2005/Qt creator


National TsingHua University, 碩士學位, Power Machanical Engineering, 2009 ~ 2011

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