李辰致┃Chen-Chih Lee


我有超過7年的 軟軔體測試,包括伺服器,和通訊相關工作經驗。我喜歡在網路一些線上平台學軟體與設計相關課程。

目前職稱 QA Testing Engineering 



  • Adobe Illustrator 
  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Adobe premiere 
  • After Effects
  • Autodesk Autocad
  • Zbrush
  • Autodesk  3dmax


  • HTML / CSS /
  • JSP
  • React
  • JS
  • MySQL


  • python3 
  • bash


  • T6069/Tr143-ACS
  • DOCSIS3.0/3,1
  • API Test(Jmeter/Postman)
  • Framework(Cypress/selenium/)
  • WIFI Test

Issue Trackers

  • Jiar

Other Tools / Development

  • Jmeter for RestAPI TEST 
  • Postman/Curl 測試API、使用 JSON Server 模擬 Restful API 
  • VS Code (text editor) 
  • Atom  (text editor) 
  • GitHub
  • Docker

online resource

  • Udemy(eng)
  • hahow(TW)
  • yottau(TW)
  • coursera 
  • udacity


淡江大學(TKU), 晚管學士(MA), 資訊管理系, 2005 ~ 2009


測試資深工程師|仲琦科技(Hitron.corp) 2016/04~

• 工作地點:台灣新竹

✓跨部門合作,歐洲和北美Onsite  FAE /SE/ debug issue

✓負責測測Function (Docsis,VOIP,GUI,TR069/TR143,eXBBU,等等)

✓WIFI: Function Test, RVR, RVO Performance


✓DOCSIS: 3.0, 3.1, and CMTS setting 

✓Router(IPSEC, PPOE, GRE, bridge, RG)

✓寫 Script (mib snmp v4/v6 reset and ping)

✓study Jmeter/JSon/postman等API測試

✓Celeno/ Intel/Qualcomm 一起Debug

✓Certification: Cable Lab 認證, MSO Witness 認證

可靠度工程師|神雲科技(Mitac.corp) 2014/09~2016/04

• 工作地點:台灣新竹、台灣台北
✓ 跟客戶開會來定測項

✓每週和內部開會包括PM、SW RD、HW RD



系統整合測試工程師|鋐寶科技(Compal Broadcast Network.corp) 2013/08~2014/09


✓負責測 Customer SAMPLE 

✓負責測 IPV6 for Cable 產品

✓Study IPV6


Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners (Udemy)

-what i achieved: How to used Selenium in Java,  Maven, and using Eclipse text editor. 

Status: Complete 2019 Dec

網頁前端框架 React 超入門 (Udemy) 

-what i achieved: Using React to learn how to do some dynamic web page with JSX. 

Status: Complete 2020 May


ChenChih Lee

I have work as a Testing Engineer for about 7 years on many variety OEM product which cross filed of Server/ cloud, and network this field. 

Senior Engineering
HsinChu, Taiwan


Bachelor of  Information Management| Tamkang University

Graduation Project: 
  • Create a Cryptography turorial web which allow used to type in bit (0 or 1) and it will encrypt. The encryption include DES, AES, and caesar. 
  • TOOL: JSP, Java,  MYSQL, Frontpage, dreamweaver, Flash.


System Validation Engineering , Senior Engineering  | Hitron.corp 


• Location: HsinChu, Taiwan,

•Cross Department corporation, support FAE & Sales Engineer on debug customer issue on Field site •Responsible on Function Test, including: Docsis, VOIP, GUI, Tr069, BBU, Router and etc)

•WIFI: Function Test, RVR, RVO Performance 


•DOCSIS: 3.0, 3.1, and CMTS setting

•Develop some stress script file for overnight test 

•co work with chip vendor such as Celeno and intel

•Environment and CMTS setting 

•Accomplishment: Cable Lab Certification, MSO's Witness Certification, Test Case Implement

Reliability Engineering  ,Reliability Test lead | Mitac.corp


• Location: HsinChu, Taiwan, \ Taipei, Taiwan

• OEM Products Experiences: NH2、Leopard(facebook) 

• Meeting with customer to discuss test plan • Weekly metting with all team which include PM, SW, HW, and Testing team 

 • Corporation with China Reliability team on setup and test RDT item, which request by Facebook customer

 • Create Patent

System Integration Test Engineering ,Assistant engineer | CBN.corp

•Location: HsinChu, Taiwan, HsinChu 

•OEM Products:Europe Customer on Cable Modem

•Salinity test on Customer sample 

•Responsible on verify IPV6 function 

•Study IPV6 function 

Something About ME

Hi, My Name is ChenChih or C.C. I have been working on Technology industry for more than 7 years as testing engineer on many fields, involve cloud server field, and network field. I have graduated from Tamkang University with a backbiter's degree in Information Management.

 I like web design, design tool, and animation since when I was in High school, so this is why I major in Information management. I have done Cryptography tutorial project as my graduation project. Throughout this experience I gain to learn lots of things which involve teamwork skills, time management skill, assign job to team etc.

I like to challenge many things, due to I think one of the biggest impact in people are their experience. As long as you challenge new thing, you would have some experience on it; don't think about the conclusion, think about the process what you gain.

In my leisure time I like to attend some speeches like to listen people sharing their stories, and learn skill from Internet. I spend many times watching Youtube channel which involve technology learning, design (web design skill/ UI/UX/ Coding/Data Science, and Data analysis), and also watch like TED talk related speaker stories. I highly recommend people to go challenge thing, and make a break through, just like me.

I also like to engage with skill and people from different field. Usually like going through LinkedIn to find many talented people from different field, which involve Front End, Data Engineering, Data Science, UI/UX, Talent Acquisition, etc. I feel like knowing people from different industry will leverage my own view and indeed my own skills. 

Given my background in testing skill as my experiences, I believe I will be a wonderful fit for any suitable position on Validation or Support related postilion. Lastly, I'm passion on my own work, and willing to help people when they encounter some difficult challenge or problem on work or life. I also play a good model as a good listener, to give some advice if they like to take as advantage.

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