Darren Goh Huan Wei


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Not to be inspired but to inspire via actions. 


Spring 2017 - Current  : CRO and Cofounder of FST Network 
FST Network is currently worth 20 Million + USD and the pioneer of the Blockchain Ecosystem in the world, with partnerships with large enterprises such as Microsoft, Advantech, AWS and IBM. Darren helps to design, build and drive the growth of a robust relationship ecosystem for FST Network's business and helps drive revenue by acquiring and closing clients which suits the company's value. 

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Spring 2017- Gary Vaynerchuk's  personal team
Manage, strategize ,translate and distribute Gary Vaynerchuk's content in the Asia market. We have planned and distributed numerous content that reaches out to 1-2 million people and what makes it more impressive is that we only targeted people from his community (A.K.A dark post) .   


Spring 2017 - B.D Production
( Host ) Started an online podcast + talkshow on the topic on Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Amasses 450+ Fans organically and 150 + Subscribers on Youtube in one month. Our goal is to educate the masses about blockchain and the opportunity that it holds.


Summer 2016 Executive Assistant to General Manager

My responsibilities include few minor tasks which are collecting data and composing end reports for each campaign telling them who is their target audience, what kind of app they use and so on. Analyses data on who’s doing what and where the attention is.


Winter 2015 Cutaway

The first to join the Cutaway crew. We spent countless nights to prepare and strategize to kickstart the new O2O service. My largest contribution and have built a foundation where we go an antiquated route where we abandoned Facebook ad distribution and went old school by handing flyers at our service area. This route gave us a 700% increased in reach and 300% in transaction.



Business Development   

Developed deep business relationship and collaborations with Enterprises such as : " Micorsoft, Advantech, IBM, AWS." for current start up.

High-Ticket Closing

Consecutively made sales worth more than 160,000 USD per month for current start up. The main difference is that as Closers, I pride myself of owning a unique ability and skill to see the deal to the end. We stay in the sell until it's closed (YES or NO) regardless of the objections, fears, and questions that come up.


Design, build and drive the growth of a robust relationship ecosystem for our business. This ecosystem will be designed to help our company forge, build and maintain essential relationships with top stakeholders


Finance Analysis  

Honored for best R.O.I in foreign exchange. Made 1x00% of return by investing .

Social Media

Reached Gary Vaynerchuk by analyzing his actions and needs through various social media and sold 200+ courses through facebook.


In addition of my mother tongue , Chinese and English, I also speak Cantonese and Malay.