David Hsieh (謝聰偉)


UI/UX Designer


玩太郎, 負責人, Nov 2014 ~ 現在



SmartLab NT, Senior Technician, May 2012 ~ Jul 2014

澳洲 Working Holiday 期間,工作為:手機維修(Apple/Android: 螢幕、電池、重灌、備份)、網頁設計



Acer, UI/UX Designer, Mar 2011 ~ Apr 2012

介面設計 (Android / Windows)、平面美術、人機互動、資訊架構 (IA)



Inventec, UI/UX Designer, Mar 2008 ~ Feb 2011

介面設計 (Android / Windows)、平面美術、人機互動、資訊架構 (IA)




明道大學, 文學士(BA), 應用英語系, 2002 ~ 2006



Hello, I am David. When I doing my design works, I always inspired by Steve Job’s “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” He was the mentor in many design projects. I am a person who is willing to learn new things and enjoy any challenges. I love the work and life I choose. I always curious about things I don’t understand, and eager to know new knowledge. I believe that everything I encounter will be a good learning opportunity.

There are 3 turning points in my life. The first one is: The very first iPhone came out in 2007, the user interface (UI) and interactive design has become an important value in all the technology industry. My work at that time was UI/UX design, and people began to pay more and more attention on that. However, the challenges of this work are not only the implementations of the UI/UX design, but also the structures and operations in the electronic devices. We need good communications between software team and hardware team to make perfect products.

The second one is in 2012. I spent more than 2 years “Working Holiday” in Darwin, Australia, mainly to experience completely different work and life from Taiwan. This is a “live action” version of Monopoly game. No jokes, and I can’t un-do anything I don’t want. I was survived there with 2 skills: English, and computer/phone repairs.

The third one is in 2014, I come back to Taiwan from Australia to start a business. I actually had the opportunity to stay in Australia with working visa, however, I feel that Taiwan is a very “unique” place that embraces all cultures, races, sexual orientations, and religions. For this reason, makes me want to do something for my hometown, so I start to run a “board game” shop in Yilan, Taiwan. To bring more fun and good games to people, and make people’s life more joyful.

I am very happy to have the opportunity to participate in this recruitment event. From the work in past, I realized that helping my friends or customers to meet their needs has brought me great satisfactions and happiness. The all life experiences I have stayed in many different countries and experienced various cultures, so that I can see things and see Taiwan from very different angles. I believe this will be another interesting challenge in my life working in your company.

I am a person who is willing to share what I see and hear with my friends. Also, I am confident that I can quickly integrate in your company’s team. With my experiences in the technology jobs, life experiences in Australia, and self-training in entrepreneurship, I believe that the company will create higher and higher values. Finally, thank you for your time. I am David.


您好,我是David。我非常相信賈伯斯說的「Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish」這句話,他是我工作上的偶像!我是一個樂於學習新事物、勇於嘗試挑戰的人。我熱愛我所選擇的工作與生活。對於不懂的事物,抱著求知的態度,我相信遇到的每件事,都會是一次很好的學習機會。


第2個是:花了2年半在澳洲 Working Holiday,主要是去體驗跟台灣完全不同的工作與生活。這是場「真人版的大富翁」,沒有在開玩笑也不能「復原」,想要活下去,所有事都只能靠自己。當時我1個人、帶著2個求生技能,英文、維修電腦手機。



我是一個樂於分享的人,喜歡將所見所聞跟身邊朋友分享。有信心能夠很快融入貴公司的整個團隊,以及職務中。以上在科技業的工作經驗、與澳洲的生活體驗、加上創業的自我磨練,我相信整個團隊一起努力,一定可以幫助貴公司在台灣創造更高的知名度、並且將各種新產品帶入更多人的手中。 最後,謝謝您的時間。我是David。

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