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I am Chun-Huai Lee, a self-motivated person eager to be professional. Volunteering as an interpreter, I’ve developed ability to communicate and socialize with foreigners. And with my background in marketing, English-loving, quick learning ability and teamwork experiences, I am particularly good fit for your company. 

Unlike other candidates you might be seeing, I have a more profound understanding of marketing because of the former intern experience at Uber, in which I pinpointed the high potential target audience and successfully brought in 60+ new sign-ups and 200+ downloads. It gives me a broader insight into consumer behavior and thus a possibly better campaign design. 

With my ample hands-on experience in marketing, I am thrilled to apply what I have learnt into more grand-scaled real-life work and I'm looking forward to any information from the world.


THAilogue                                               11703194_448057895374868_8664772065001176210_n (1).jpg

Graphic Designer & Page Manager

 Jul 2015 - Present

● Scholarship winner of Ministry of Education (Taiwan) Overseas Learning Experience Project 2015.

● THAilogue is a team consists of 3 of NCKU students from Taiwan, 3 weeks of Culture Shock, 3 totally-changed Youths, A dialogue between Taiwan and Thailand.

●Conducted 3 main activities(such as "U like, We give",  video viral marketing, and broadcasted timely posts to our followers, etc.) to raise people's attention and gain page's likes.

Uber                                                         photo.jpg

Community Management Intern

Feb 2016 - Jun 2016

● Uber has only recently made its entrance into Kaohsiung past year. With other 10 interns, we assisted the two full-time employees in establishing its foundation nearly “from scratch”. We are passionately working on nudging the city toward a better and less congested place while rendering streets safer from drunk driving.

● Initiated cold calls on restaurants in Kaohsiung.(Project: Uber Partnership With Restaurant); served as Brand Ambassador to invite passersby to use Uber's services.

National Cheng Kung University         

Bachelor of Business Administration

Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

●Honors: Freshmen English Competition Excellence Award (Top 5%) 

●Relevant Coursework: Marketing Research, Global Marketing, Quality Control, Entrepreneurship and Lean Startup 

●Teamwork: Collaborated with a team of 19 officers to coordinate administrative, marketing, operational functions; hosted one-week mini liquor bottles campaign for over 400 participants, increasing organization fund of $18.2k NTD

●Extracurricular Activity:

Committee of NCKU Student Council

PR of NCKU Beverage Art Research Club

Dorm Assistant Manager of Housing Service Division

National Taichung First Senior High   Tcfsh.jpg

Sep 2009 - Jun 2012


Social Media

Shared Thai experience through our Fanpage "THAilogue".
Gained 400+ fans within one month (still growing).
Post reached utmost 2.6k netizens/post.


Intermediate level with two years of practicing.

Sony Vegas

Produced six microfilms during four years of college study.

YouTube Channel:





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2016 Google 


成功大學校園大使Learn More


泰洛格 THAilogue 國際壯遊體驗


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《廿十五作品集》─ ─



行銷研討課程  品牌意象創造----------------------5
(Lampe Berger/Ingenuity匠心集)                  
都市美學課程 視覺手繪具象化練習---------6&7
第18屆成大企管營 LOGO設計------------10&11
 THAilogue 團隊理念與粉專經營--------------13

Leaders are learners; and people who stop pretending like they know everything and really open themselves to knowledge are the one that go far ahead.

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