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Joe Lin

Hands-on experience in performance, high availability, scalability, system architecture, system management, networking, troubleshooting and skilled in automated operations, OAM analytics and capacity planning activities across an entire infrastructure stack with multiple server components.
Deployed and managed large-scale backend services in AWS for global project and coordinate the team based in US, China.

Experienced in mentoring junior system engineers and guide team members in troubleshooting, define SOP and to make things easily-maintained and reuseful.

- Strong understanding of Linux, common network services, and AWS.

- Quick learner and self motivated problem solver.

- Active worker and  willing to share my knowledge and experience.

- Highly adaptable in different roles - tester, engineer and PM.



National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 2005 to Jun 2008
B.S, Information Management

National Taipei University of Business (junior college of five-year program)

Taipei, Taiwan, Sep 1999 to Jun 2005
Diploma, Information Management

Technology Stack


  • AWS
    cloudformation, cloudfront, autoscale, ELB, route53 and etc.
  • Linux
  • Network
  • Security
  • Automation (ansible, chef)
  • Git, Jenkins, Gerrit
  • Docker, docker-compose
  • Terraform, Packer
  • Kubernetes, Istio


  • MySQL
    performance tuning, HA solution, store procedure and monitoring.
  • Cassandra
    performance tuning, management, monitoring and understood the major concepts.
  • Oracle
  • Redis
  • MongoDB


  • CDN (Akamai, AWS, Cloudflare)
  • Nginx + Lua
  • Apache
  • Activemq (Artemis)
  • Hadoop and Spark
  • Cacti, Nagios and Zabbix, 24x7
  • Scripting (Shell, Python, Java)
  • OpenSIPs
  • VOIP
  • ELK, Graylog2
  • kafka
  • Grafana, Prometheus


Experience from 2019 Mar. to 2020 Jun. | Principle Engineer - HTC Viveport OPS team

  • participated in project  for architecture review, deployment and SRA (Security Risk Assessment).
  • Build up project infra on AWS by Nerraform.
  • Maintained service gateway (Nginx) when new service launches or service changes.
  • Service deployment by auto-scaling with docker-compose or K8S.
  • Troubleshooting by ELK stack, Grafana, AWS Cloudwatch, real time traffic analyzing and Linux debug tools.
  • Regularly supported DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) and whether RTO and RPO is satisfied.
  • Service and system alarm notification by 24x7 , Cloudwatch, Elastic Alert and receiving by Email, SMS, Slack or MS Teams.
  • Regularly reviewed cost and survey solutions that can optimize cost and avoid the changes to affect service.
  • Implemented AWS Direct Connection Gateway on AWS Global and AWS China to improve network latency and stability.
  • Implemented AWS Transit Gateway with IT team to facilitate IT team to manage worldwide routing.
  • Automated CI/CD and task process by Jenkins or Azure Devops Pipeline.
  • Regularly replaced new Image which was rebuild with the latest OS patch and OS hardening.
  • Reviewed and executed DB operations and migration script for RD team.

Experience from 2018 Aug. to 2019 Mar. | Sr. DevOps Engineer - Intouch Games

  • Organize and build up the company IT infrastructure.
  • Improved the deployment architecture with scalability and better performance.
  • Lead service benchmark and figured out performance issue.
  • Implemented vagrant and cloudformation to reduce the cost of deployment.
  • Implemented monitoring and log analyzer for project and office IT.
  • Wrote plan, defined work breakdown, oversaw system integration, tracked schedules, and led system architecture review.

Experience from 2013 to 2018 | System Engineer - Truetel

  • Participated in most projects as a consultant, conducted system performance, availability review and directly reported to CEO/CTO.
  • Build and managed a 10000+ users service architecture using 10+ services.
  • Served as an AWS/IT/Monitoring consultant to support China team managing a image build and delivery system in AWS.
  • Served as an IT/Monitoring/Service Administrator in a global service to delivery an AWS backend for Android tablets to collect the app usage data and the operational support data with no downtime for 18 months and it supported multiple site deployment, and site failover/recovery.
  • Build and managed a backend system for a face recognition mobile messaging app in AWS and worked with teams located in both US and Taiwan, this backend system was designed to guarantee million concurrent users with high performance, high availability and scalability.
  • Integrated OAM scripts with reusable and maintainability and reduced the cost of building OAM for new project.
  • Planed and led 3 engineers to implement office IT organization and integration with improved structure and reduced accidents so that team members can focus on projects and tech skills and made company work more efficiently. 
  • Implemented Graylog for log collection and analysis.
  • Wrote plan, defined work breakdown, oversaw system integration, tracked schedules, and led system architecture review.

Experience from 2009 to 2013 | System Engineer - Soundyes

  • Led 1 engineer to maintain 50+ servers in two data centers and several projects and worked in different roles.
  • Designed and implemented OpenSIPs into our VOIP solution.
  • Designed and implemented service analytics report by MySQL stored procedure.
  • implemented Project Management Software "Redmine" and trained our employees to use it.
  • implemented Cacti to monitor system and services.
  • Reorganized IT deployment and continuously 
  • Planed and wrote testcase and took step to do it and actually increased service reliability and availability in our production.

Thank you for your reading.

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