Yuhao-Liao (Deniel)

I'm now work at TANGRAM IoT startup which provides IoT solution for machine tool‘s components, my job is to develop the ios application with Swift and develop backend services with Spring Boot.

iOS Developer


TANGRAM IoT, iOS Developer, May 2019 ~ Now

1. iOS APP - Develop an iOS APP for the machine tool‘s components maker and end user, communicate with IoT devices, here is our app on the app store (
2. Web service - Develop the web platform and the result api using java spring.


National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Bachelor degree, Department ofInformation Management, 2014 ~ 2018



- Build the UI with code, without the storyboard.

- Know how to build adaptive UI for mutiple devices

- Handle network request/response 

with JSON fomat

- Familiar with various third library, etc. Alamofire、Moya、SnapKit、Charts、RxSwift/RxCocoa

- Communate with BLE

- Know the flow of appstore submission

Spring Boot

- Build restful api 

- Handle database CRUD using Hibernate

- Deploy the spring application to the server via docker-compose

- Have a basic knowledge with Web Server(Apache, Nginx, Docker)


- Build web service on the AWS EC(Apache、SSL)

- Using AWS RDS as database

- Using AWS Lambda to let user build there own functions

- Registering domain name using AWS Route53 

- Using AWS API Gateway to build RESTful API


- Familiar with common command(commit, push, pull, merge)

- Konw how to collaborate on the same project with a team

- Develop new feature or fix bug on the new new branch

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