Katherine Feng

  •  Taipei City,TW  •

Katherine is a not only a daydreamer who has a bunch of really cool ideas about life but she is also a team player who loves taking action and collaborates with her partners. Moreover, she is a highly proactive and fast learner who always makes good use of her free time to enhance her ability through online courses or books. Most importantly, she is always up for the challenge, so she is willing to take difficult tasks!

Education Degree

Tamkang University 
English Department

Language Skills

Mandarin - native 

English - fluent (TOEIC 860)

Computer Skills

MS Office (MOS certified)

Typing skills:
97 words/ min Chinese
50 words/min English

Work Experiences

Easee Globe,Sep 2019- Feb 2020

Marketing Specialist

  • Submit ideas for experimental marketing programs designed to enhance and grow the company’s brand
  • Collaborate with brand ambassadors to create innovative ways to gain exposure for both of client's and our products - Visiting customers and give a brief of our products. 
  • Organizing and hosting presentations, events and customer visits. 
  • Contacting potential clients to establish rapport and arrange meetings. 
  • Researching organizations and individuals to find new opportunities.
  • Create marketing literature (brochures, banner, copywriting) 
  • Write and edit content for different platforms such as social media and website

GASE, Ministry of Science and Technology,May 2019  - Aug 2019 

Assistant Specialist

  • Organizing events to increase exposure (ex. The planner of the US-Canada Asia-Pacific International Scientific Research Seminar (140 participants) 
  • Act as English emcee, host of the event , US-Canada Asia-Pacific International Scientific Research Seminar
  • Leading 50 foreign students for a one-day cultural visit 
  • Assistance in writing business plans for PR company and sponsors - Responsible for reimbursement

Era Ogilvy,Sep 2018  - Apr 2019 

Project Assistant

  • Client was Taiwan MAZDA Group
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with the test drivers.
  • Helped organizing spring feast for 300+ test drivers and MAZDA managers.
  • Studying the organization's objectives, promotional policies, and needs to build public relations strategies that influence public opinion and promote products, ideas, and services.
  • Conferring with both Mazda and Ogilvy managers to identify trends and group interests. - Analyzing media coverage
  • Collecting information about other rivals in the market and translated into English at 7am everyday
  • Partnered with different department of MAZDA. (ex. media, advertising, CRM)

(Work and Travel) Cedar Point Amusement Park , Jun 2017- Oct 2017

Ride Operator

  • Learn to cooperate with people from different culture 
  • Learn to live independently 
  • Improve English oral skills 
  • Left good impression and got honor badge for my hospitality 
  • Found myself really love to build connection with people

Kojen English Centers (Shihlin) ,Feb 2016  - May 2016 

Teacher Assistant

  • Teaching 5-10 students small classes 
  • Graded homework
  • Giving tests to students over phone

Extracurricular Activities

The Graduate Mingle, Sep 7, 2019

  • Aim to help fresh graduate build connection through networking and exchange their point of view from different career.
  • Over 50 people has registered within two weeks.

TKU English Graduation Drama Performance , Sep 2017- Aug 2018


  • Lead a team of 65 students
  • Design and teach drama training courses
  • Help writing script adapted from the movie "perfetti sconosciutti"
  • Stage design
  • Got sponsorship and choreograph on our own
  • 300 tickets sold out and earned NT$10000 dollars.

TKU English Graduation Drama Performance, Oct 2016 - Jun 2017


  • Played the role of the writer in the movie "Stranger than Fiction" and the English speaking storyteller during the whole play.
  • Learn to express different emotion to the extreme.

TEDxTKU, Jun 2016 - Dec 2016


  • Responsible for inviting TED talk speakers.
  • In search of six experts in the field of VR/AR and all kinds of new technology.
  • Help speakers practicing the-18-minute speech.
  • Hold TEDxTKU event with 150+ attendee

Tamkang Volunteer of International Service(TKU VOIS), Sep 2014 - Jun 2016

Event Planner

  • As a Mandarin study mate of foreign students. 
  • Hold multicultural mingling events and parties with 300+ attendee (ex. Halloween Party, Christmas Party)
  • Lead a two days cultural trip to Ilan of 80 foreign students and being the bilingual host in the bus.