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Kevin Pham  •  (650) 656-7252  •  Santa Clara, CA


Program Manager, Google Inc, Apr 2018 to Present

  • Manage programs for YouTube Data API Compliance and optimized API quota allocation by 90%. 
  • Generated 3 months of expense savings by working with data engineer to automate contract-audits for 10,000 YouTube partners. 
  • Modeled processes and procedures for the overseas vendor teams to collect metadata on API compliance policies, business categories, and grouping variables. 
  • Collaborate with Partnership Managers on projects for a complex systems migration and aligned the top 10,000 partners with internal feature conditions and business contracts. 

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Vehicle Operations Tester, Google Inc, - Feb 2018 to Mar 2018

  • Conducted vehicle operations testing with the Waymo self-driving technology, and provided insights with data classification to improve UX. 
  • Gathered and refined machine learning data for the Artificial Intelligence engineering team which contributed towards enhancing the vehicle detection system. 

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Quality Assurance Specialist, Facebook Inc, - Jun 2017 to Dec 2017

  • Completed QA projects for the Product Quality Analytics department in Community Operations and conducted quality analysis for Brand Safety labeling for Facebook Watch and Ads Break Gallery (video monetization). 
  • Investigated trends and quantitative insights for labeling accuracy, and built out quality reports and workflows for the outsource teams which increased the labeling accuracy to 85% (from 20%) in 3 months. 
  • Led quality efforts for the onsite/offsite teams by conducting weekly quality reports, training and quizzes to assist in generating steady improvements with performance accuracy. 
  • Worked with cross-functional teams (Product Integrity Specialists/Data Engineers/Policy Managers) to collect necessary information for calibrating Brand Safety efforts, feedback on quality issues, and project workflows. 
  • Acted as the subject-matter-expert with the Brand Safety Policy Guidelines and Community Standards, while gathering gray cases to contributed with Policy Guidelines updates for Monetization Eligibility Standards. 

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Customer Operations Support, Facebook Inc, Nov 2015 to May 2017

  • Led efforts for handling Lost & Stolen tickets and Verification tickets for the Customer Operations team of WhatsApp Inc.
  • Worked with cross-functional teams and collaborate with software engineers and market leads in investigating mobile platforms’ debug information (Android, iPhone, and Windows) for implementing new system automations.
  • Provided project findings and presentations to managers from conducting A/B tests which yield higher quality in User Experience and increased registration by 5% in the app. 
  • Created better quality dashboards for the team by adjusting internal conditions to capture tickets more accurately and organizing folders to solve tickets more efficiently.
  • Act as the main point of contact for new team members with questions about Account Security and delegated tasks when leading efforts for the Verification project. 

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Operation Specialist, Magic Inc., Mar 2015 to Aug 2015

  • Coordinated and planned detailed-fulfillment plans for client requests while acting as a personal assistance. 
  • Helped with scheduling, coordinating events, and handling personal assistant duties for high-end clients. 
  • Core member of the “Concierge Team” which handles the most affluent customers and generates about 80% of the daily revenue for the company. 
  • Led efforts as Operations Team Lead and provided training & onboarding for new employee hires. 
  • One of the first 20 employees for the Y-Combinator startup and contributed towards the early phases. 

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Junior Trader, Patak Trading Partners LLC - Feb 2013 - Jan 2015

  • Completed the Combine Program while returning 9.60% in a 1-month period and then promoted to a funded account.
  • Managed the largest account at the funded level for the firm and traded products in the futures derivatives market. (Energies, Precious Metals, and Forex)
  • Developed quantitative strategies for implementation through the automated trading systems.
  • Managing risk with trading accounts that possessed purchasing power of ~$2.5 million in net liquidation value.

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Corporate Trainee, Pershing LLC - Sep 2012 to Jan 2013

  • Organized and led multiple team projects for different departments through gathering information from case studies of previous deals. 
  • Worked alongside experienced project managers while learning about client business needs and designed solutions.

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Summer Intern, Bank of New York Mellon - Jun 2011 to Aug 2011

  • Assist with trades support and facilitating executions between global markets and industries within the International Purchase & Sales division. 
  • Maintain correspondent accounts in accordance with applicable regulations and Pershing policies, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing exposure related to assigned operational tasks.

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University of Central Florida - Aug 2012

Bachelor of Arts in Economics, Minor in Statistics

Florida Atlantic University - Aug 2010

Associates of Arts (A.A.)

Qualifications - The Complete Python Programming Course 

Instructor: Avinash Jain

Introduction to Project Management, Coursera

Instructor: Margaret Meloni - University of California, Irvine


Terminal (Unix shell)  |  Python (beginner)  |  SQL  |  Text Wrangler | Squarespace (webpage building)  |  Facebook Ads  |  Facebook Pages  |  Premier Pro |  Chatfuel (Messenger Bots)  |  Project Management  |  Leadership  |  Data Analysis

Start-ups Affiliation


(Y-Combinator company)
Driver, Order Placer


(Y-Combinator company)
Operation Specialist

En Route

Fleet Lead, Business Development


(Justin Kan Enterprises)
Q&A, Influencer


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Artline Carpeters

Built a website for a small business that provides carpenter and home design services. I used Squarespace to create this web page.

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Product Post Morterm

Co-host a tech podcast that focused on companies and startups that were once successful but later failed.

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Facebook Ads & Pages

Build Facebook Pages for businesses, and ran Facebook Ad campaigns to generate an audience and high engagement. 

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Video Editing w/ Premier Pro 

Created a travel video during my hike in the California Redwoods. Edited the video in Premier Pro. The editing style I like to focus on is capturing an experience with a combination of a music video style and mini vlog. 


U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) - Regional Referee

- Officiating games in the California North Referee Administration (CNRA) region and currently involved in the following leagues: 

UPSL, USL League 2, NPSL (semi-professional), SFSFL (amateur men), U.S. Development Academy, NISOA (collegiate)