Liang Jung

TW  •  ktapsyman@gmail.com

A junior software engineer. Familiar with C and Python3. Experienced in Linux development environment. Research interests are Computer Vision and Deep Learning.


Programming Language

  • C
  • Python3
  • C#

Environment and tool

  • Linux
  • Git
  • Visual Studio


  • TOEIC: 920
  • JLPT: N1

Work Experience

Lequios Soft Taiwan Inc., Contract Android Engineer, Mar 2017 ~ Jul 2017

  • Developed household IoT device management app, which uses Android device as HTTP server and allows users to add/remove/control devices like smart bulbs through RESTful API. 
  • Developed plugins for smart bulb and smart remote control, the actual parts that control the devices. Providing registration/on/off/flashing for smart bulbs and on/off/volume control/channel switching for smart remote control. 
  • Executed Unit Test and Integration Test.


United Fiber Optic Communication Inc., Software Engineer, Mar 2016 ~ Sep 2016

  • Revised the train driver control panel system. Including user interface, public address scheduling system, and audio playing modules. Improving code readability. 
  • Developed high-efficiency INI setting file parser. Implemented in hash list in corporation with FNV32 fast string hashing algorithm. API documentation included. 
  • Developed binary search tree and function pointer-based event warehouse module. Providing event creation/hooking utilities. API documentation included.

Lequios Soft Taiwan Inc., Software Engineer, Aug 2014 ~ Feb 2016

  • Developed XML file parser for extracting data from megabytes-sized files using libxml2. 
  • Developed backend utility that can draw a coastline world map which can be freely moved/zoom/select region. 
  • Ported and tested POSIX shared memory/semaphore/socket APIs to Apache Runtime Library. 
  • Developed web-based Inventory management system using C# MVC and JavaScript with jQuery. It automated the item fault repairing application process as well as material management for around 1000 users. Also capable of exporting statistic report in PDF/Excel format. 
  • Modified SQL workflow for windows phone application, reduced the database processing time from 1s to 0.2s.


Cursive Chinese Calligraphy Recognition For Historical Documents --A Deep Learning Approach

  • Collected 43000 images consisting of 5301 different cursive Chinese calligraphy text for relative researches.
  • Proposed the Enhanced M6 Network and achieved 80.8% Top-5 accuracy on the 5301 classes' recognition task.

School Projects

  • Kaggle - Amazon.com - Employee Access Challenge. Achieved 0.90 public score and 0.89 private score. Language used: Python3 with sklearn.
  • Visualization of import/export data for Chinese herbal medicine all over the world using D3.js


National ChengChi University, Master of Science, Dept of Computer Science, 2017 ~ 2019


National Cheng Kung University, Bachelor of Science, Dept of Mathematics, 

2009 ~ 2013

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