Mahmoud Nagy Mahmoud

A creative thinker, problem solver and developer, interested in low level programming, Embedded Systems, OS development, hardware PCB design and interfacing, has wide experience in various fields including mobile app, desktop app and server side back-end.

R&D Embedded System Engineer @ Conative Labs
El-Mokattam, Cairo, EG

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  • Graduated From Badr Private Language School
  • Graduated From Computer Engineering At Helwan University. (2014-2019) With V.Good

Work Experience

Conative Labs, R&D embedded engineer, Jul 2019 ~ Jul 2020

Currently I work for Conative-labs help in developing their Nilebot device, experiencing wifi/gsm communication with back-end server with various protocols like MQTT, HTTP and SSL, sensing and interfacing with various sensors, communicating with other devices using i2c/spi/uart

Freelancer at Upwork & Freelancer

Made various projects for customers, embedded based and Linux based mostly using Python and C

Founder of small freelancer team MeReative 2015 ~ 2018

We’ve made a blood bank android app, my role was ​back-end development using ​ python and Django​.

Main Technical Skills

C and Embedded C & C++

  • GTK
  • QT (basic)

Embedded systems & IOT

  • IOT: MQTT/HTTP, SSL, Bluetooth/Wifi/LORA
  • FreeRTOS
  • Ceedling & Unity Test driven Development frameworks
  • Used various platforms like (AVR/ESP32/ESP8266/EFM8)

Linux Device Drivers

  • USB/GPIOS/IIO based drivers
  • DTS

PCB Design

  • KiCad
  • High speed Digital Integrity (basic)
Programming Skills
  • Python (High Experience)
  • Django
  • bash
  • NodeJs
  • Android & Java
  • SQL
Other Technical Skills
  • Linux as OS
  • Git
  • Make
  • Jenkins
  • Excellent at English
  • Native Arabic
Personal Skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent in solving problems
  • Quick and Self Learner
  • V.good communication skills
  • Adapt fast


Open Source Contribution

I contributed to multiple open source projects I use, in github and gnome gitlab for fun.

Pixels Student Activity 2015 ~ 2018

  • I was president of Pixels Student Activity.  :2018/2017
  • I was the ​vice Academic director​ in ​ Pixels Student activity​ , my role was to build team of instructors to teach others about various fields of programming and embedded systems.   :2016/2017
  • Before that I was an academic instructor for Pixels before and taught Python​ programming language.  :2015/2016
  • With Pixels Team, I participated in making a lot of embedded projects like Bank simulation, line follower robots and others using ​arduino​ and ​AVR​ .


IEEE RAS Under-construction

Won the second place​ with my team “Error”, and my role was the electrical and control section of the robot.

3rd place in MIE

My role was user space application and ​ libraries​ that integrated with I/O hardware devices using C over Linux embedded system.

Personal Information

  • Birth Date: 13/12/1995

  • Military Status: Exempted
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