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I'm really a curious and creative person, drawing and design are dispensable parts of my life. 

Learning new things and solving problem with design always make me feel powerful. 


SOV 數位隱形矯正 -- UI UX Designer part time,2019 / 2  - now

As the only UI Designer in the company and learn a lot about communicating with engineers. I had designed some one page websites and the CRM system for connecting dentists, customers, our dental technicians and sales.

Paopao tui App -- UI UX Designer part time,2018 / 11  - 2019 / 2

As the only UI designer in the company and I helped them to optimize the design of UI for better using and looking.

SHOPLINE -- Visual Design intern,2018 / 11  - 2019 / 2

web UI design / EDM design / banner design / videos edition 

Urclass -- UI / UX intern,2018 / 7 - 8

I had an internship during the 2018 summer in a startup, Urclass, which is about education of picking good crame school for kids during 3 to 12 years old. I joined all part of creating new functions of the website. 

We got lots of datas from interviewing our TA face to face and vouchers online. After data collection and analysis, we came up with some creative and cool functions. After finished our UI and launched them for a few weeks, we found that the new functions really raised our benefits and the number of members.

It really made me know about how to survey and find real questions or needs from people's words, and I also learned the real UI design and communicated with teammates.

Shanghai University -- Exchange,2017 / 9- 2018 / 2 

I went exchanging to the The Academy of Fine Art in Shanghai University for one semester. During the semester, I got the rare opportunities to edit the Yearbook of the fine art academy. By the way, I started to learn coding from then on and it really helped me to communicate with engineers better.

World Design Capital in Taipei 2016 -- Workshop of renewing the Taipei City Hall,2016 

It was a very challenging but interesting workshop I had ever joined lasting for a week. For changing the old office of our capital, we went to the City Hall actually and looked very closely everywhere and every department. After the guide of a designer as a teacher, we concluded our analyzed and came out a few ways to achieve our goal. The most touched place was that our hard-works were used actually in Taipei City Hall. It made me know that being a designer was not only creating a few beautiful pictures but changing a city, maybe changing the world.


Honored by The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of the Republic of China,2019 年

I the only student represented The Academy of Fine Arts in National Taiwan Normal University to have this honor and it really encouraged me that all my efforts in collage were worth it.

27th Times Young Creative Award -- Gold Medal Award,2018 年

It is an ad design award and I designed a series of ads for a company which is producing tremella drinks and I won the only Gold Medal Award as a Taiwanese from all over the world.


International Taiwan Postar-- Silver Medal Award,2018 年

《What a beautiful childhood.》

International Taiwan Postar-- Judges' list award,2018 年

《The fragile peace.》

8th KCA Creative Star Design Award-- Honorable mention,2018 年 

《What a beautiful childhood.》

8th KCA Creative Star Design Award-- Judges' list award,2018 年 

《The fragile peace.》

2107 National Jianhao Cup Calendar Design Competition -- Bronze Medal,2017 年

I designed twelve illustrations for twelve months in the calendar with the title of ''Dogs and famous Taiwan snacks''(台汪小吃in Chinese)


2016 Easyoga National Pattern Design Competition -- Honorable Mention,2016年

I designed the yoga pants with the pattern of Taiwan Blue Tit and won the forth prise as the youngest participant in Taiwan.

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