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Stacey Lee

Product Designer, Illustrator, Graphic designer

Pouring my whole heart in designing a better products from slightly insight.


Taipei , TW


Grindr -- Product Designer, 2019 / 7 - Current

I participated as the main designer of Grindr Web, Grindr Design Components, Grindr Live, and multiple features on mobile. I deeply joined most projects from initiating ideas, data insights research, user interview, wireframe, prototype, user testing to pixel-perfect UI design, A/B testing, and iteration. Also collaborate closely with stakeholders, PMs, engineers, researchers, and the market team. 

Currently, I'm in charge of all micro-interactions and animations design in Lottie which was initiated by me and the other designer. We successfully reduced 75% of CPU loads than GIF, and I also use Lottie animation design to drive about 70% higher or so traffic in a feature enhancement

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SOV Dental -- UI / UX Designer, 2019 / 2 - 6

I designed the ERP system to make dentists, patients, dental technicians, and sales on the same page. In the team, I ran Sprint with five engineers. We iterated products very quickly by daily stand-up & retro meetings. I also handled campaigns and tutorial website design for marketing.

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SHOPLINE -- Graphic Design Intern, 2018 / 8 - 2019 / 2

I handled the whole visual design of online & offline activities in the market team, including EDM, banner, and presswork. I also take charge of the UI of online course websites and. Also, I took responsibility for the visual design of course campaigns.

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Urclass -- UI / UX Intern, 2018 / 7 - 8

I learned how to do qualitative research from user research, survey design, face-to-face user interview, and quantitative research from google survey and data gathering. After creating user personas, we brainstorm to find insights and then design UI from our ideas to solve user problems.

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UIUX design / Design Thinking / Wireframe / Prototype / Usability Testing / AB Testing / Data Research / Visual Design / Micro-interaction Design


Sketch / Figma / Zeplin / Lottie / After Effects / Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator 



Design Department
- Valedictorian of Fine Arts Academy of NTNU
- Won 1st in the graduational exhibition - Cheese Burger Designer's career platform

Exchange in Shanghai University
Academy of Fine Arts


Valedictorian of Fine Arts Academy of NTNU, 2019

Honored by Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of the Republic of China, 2019

I the only student represented The Academy of Fine Arts in National Taiwan Normal University to have this honor.

27th Times Young Creative Award -- Gold Medal Award, 2018

I won the only Gold Medal Award as a Taiwanese from all over the world.

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International Taiwan Postar-- Silver Medal Award + Judges' list award, 2018

Silver Medal Award:《What a beautiful childhood.》

Judges' list award:《The fragile peace.》

8th KCA Creative Star Design Award-- Honorable mention +  Judges' list award, 2018

Honorable mention:《What a beautiful childhood.》

Judges' list award :《The fragile peace.》

National Jianhao Cup Calendar Design Competition -- Bronze Medal, 2017

Twelve illustrations design for a calendar about 12 kinds of dogs along with 12 kinds of Taiwanese snacks.

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Easyoga National Pattern Design Competition -- Honorable Mention, 2016

Pattern design for yoga pants with the image of Taiwan Blue Tit. I won the No.4 as the youngest participant in Taiwan.

UIUX Design Projects

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Grindr Web

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Grindr Feature Redesign

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Lottie Design 

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Cheese Burger

Designer job search platform

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If you are interested in my works and want to know more, please free to contact. 

Thanks for reading.

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