Jennifer Chung

A senior literature major who is full of passion for design and art. Also a self learner who constantly seeks for inspirations, absorbs knowledge, and motivated to find new ways to learn. Self taught (with the help of online resources) software skills for Adobe Photoshop, After Effect, Premiere, etc. Have been gaining experiences through school/club events and self-initiated projects. Aspires to become a creator with both quality content and presentation.

Taipei, Taiwan



Content Create

The training in DFLL has given me a solid research and data analysis skill, and the ability to express accurately and creatively, but also able to write formally in accordance to the need.

Visual Design

6+ years of passion driven learning acquired basic printing knowledge, design principles, color theory, and typography. Self taught adobe creative suite softwares, consistently learning, currently familiarizing with 3D workflows like Cinema 4D.

Transferable Skills

Self Starter · Team player · Detail-Oriented · Communicative

Software Skills 

Photoshop · Illustrator · Indesign Premiere · Final Cut · After Effect 

MS Office · G Suite

Relevant Experience

Design & Curation Team @TEDx NationalTaiwanUniversity, Sep 2016 - Jun 2017

Worked in collaboration with the marketing team on visual designs for a series of forum events. Also participated in curating a section of the exhibition in the forum.

Lead Designer @multiple projects for clubs and department events

Giving visual directions for events like the DFLL Camp. Design poster and merchandises for clubs and departments. Lead the design team members and mentor on their works.

Video Content Creator / Editor @TFGAG Youtube Channel, Jul 2014 - Present

Participated in the whole video production process from brainstorming and research, to filming and editing.


National Taiwan University, Sep 2016 - Present

Major| Foreign Language and Literature 

Relevant Courses: Composition · Translation · Oral Training 

Digital Storytelling and Visual Information Intercultural Communication and Multiculturalism 

Self Learner

Visual Design · Motion Design · Video Editing 

via on-offline resources (OpenCourseWare, Youtube, Skillshare, YOTTA, and many more individual sharing)