MingHan Li

Backend Engineer

Taipei, TW


  • Programming : PHP, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, jQuery, PhantomJS, CasperJS, Shell script, Golang
  • Database : MariaDB, MongoDB, Neo4j, Redis, Elasticsearch(IK)
  • Industry Knowledge : RESTful API, Database design, Systems analysis, Object-Oriented Design
  • Cloud services : GCE, GKE
  • System : Windows, Mac OS, Centos
  • Other : Github, Google Office, Draw.io
  • Project Management : Scrum, JIRA
  • Interpersonal : Team Leadership
  • Language : Chinese (Native), English (Basic), Taiwanese (Native)

Work Experience

awoo, Backend Engineer (Team Leader), Jun 2018 ~ Present

  • AI tech based tagging system “Cupid” (nununi)
    • Technique : PHP, MongoDB, neo4j, MariaDB, Google Storage, Google Compute Engine, Elasticsearch(IK)
    • Team Leader & Scrum Master (1 year)
    • Manage 5 backend engineers, 1 frontend engineer
    1. Cupid Data Application
      • ProductTag API design : providing tags of product to the clients.
      • Content API : providing product information of certain tags to the clients
      • SuggestionTag API : providing related tags operated by W2V model and awoo algorithm to the clients.
      • FileExport : daily export product tag via file(XML) to the clients
    2. Infrastructure
      • Data Warehouse Architecture & ETL (Neo4j, MongoDB, MariaDB)
        • Data Source Layer
        • Data Storage Layer
        • Data Presentation Layer
      • AI data labeling system for Data Labeling Associate
      • Client product feeds
        1. Products RESTful API
        2. Scheduled Fetches (XML, CSV) from SFTP or Google Storage
  • Email/SMS platform “Tigerfly”
    • Technique : Golang, PHP, MariaDB, Redis
    • Urgent support Tigerfly team with my team
    1. Email/SMS delivery core system refactor
      • Collaborate with 3 backend engineers
      • Refactor delivery core by Golang multithreading, improving performance twice than before.
    2. Web application API development
      • Collaborate with 5 backend engineers, 1 frontend engineer
      • Email remarketing feature development: applying “Cupid” tags in “Tigerfly” to mark users and user clustering.

awoo, Backend Engineer, Nov 2015 ~ Jun 2018

  • Crawler system of jobs for bots development & maintenance
    • Technique : PHP, JavaScript, CasperJS, MariaDB, MongoDB 
    1. Crawler
      Fetch Google/Yahoo search engine result page by Raspberry Pi.
      Fetch website HTML and do SEO analytic. Fetch Bing Ads search volume. 
    2. Third party data collector
      Fetch Facebook API, Google Ads API.
  • SEO growth hacking tools - “Sweetdream(綺夢)”
    • Technique : PHP, jQuery, MariaDB, Google Analytics API, Google Search Console API
    • Collaborate with 1 frontend engineer
    • web front-end (JavaScript) & back-end development

    1. Data visualization: data source includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google/Yahoo ranking, Google search volume
  • “CupidAds” prototype develop
    • Technique : PHP, MariaDB, MongoDB, Neo4j, Google Ads API
    • Collaborate with 1 frontend engineer

    1. Keyword selecting tools for Google Ads
  • awoo 1st & 2nd intern training, junior engineer training


B.I.M. Information Management, Shih Hsin University, 2011 ~ 2015

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