MingHan Li

Backend Engineer

Backend engineer



PHP / JavaScript / Shell script / Golang
CodeIgniter / jQuery / PhantomJS / CasperJS / NodeJS


MariaDB / MongoDB / Neo4j / Redis / Elasticsearch(IK)

Industry Knowledge

Cloud system design / RESTful API / Database design / Systems analysis / Object-Oriented Design

Cloud service / System

GCP / GCE / GKE / GCS / Centos / MacOS


Chinese (Native) / English (Basic) / Taiwanese (Native)


Git / Google Office / Draw.io / Scrum / JIRA

Work Experience

awoo Inc. / Backend Engineer (Team Leader) / Jun 2018 ~ Nov 2019

  • AI tech based tagging system “Cupid”
    • Team Leader & Scrum Master
    • Manage 5 backend engineers, 1 frontend engineer
    1. Data Warehouse Architecture (Neo4j, MongoDB, MariaDB) & ETL 
      • Data layering to reduce dependency and to create different data for each application.
      • Developed the ETL process between each layer and improved its performance 2-5 times than before.
    2. Designed database module to develop API or APP.
    3. Client product feeds
      • Scheduled Fetches (XML, CSV) from SFTP or Google Storage.
        • Provided solution of dynamic product feed that capable to different clients.
        • Designed a mechanism to reduce the cost of GCP virtual machines and resulted in reducing 75% of the cost.
      • Products RESTful API
    4. Cupid Data API (also can provide JS SDK using)
      • ProductTag API : providing tags of product to the clients.
      • Content API : providing product information of certain tags to the clients.
      • SuggestionTag API : providing related tags operated by W2V model and awoo algorithm to the clients.
    5. Cupid Data FileExport : daily export product tag via file(XML) to the clients.
      • Provide solution of cupid data exporting that capable to different clients.
    6. AI data labeling system for Data Labeling Associate.
  • Email/SMS platform “Tigerfly” delivery core system optimize
    • Collaborate with 3 backend engineers
    • Switch delivery core from PHP to Golang multithreading, improving performance triple than before.
  • Third party data collector system optimize - Google Ads API
    • Refactor and Deploy by GKE, improving performance twice than before and making system easy scaling.

awoo Inc. / Backend Engineer / Nov 2015 ~ Jun 2018

  • Third party data collector system
    1. Job system (retry mechanism)
    2. Crawl Google/Yahoo search engine result page by Raspberry Pi.
      • Switch crawler core from PHP to JS (CasperJS), fetching more JS render contents and simulating human operation.
    3. Crawl website HTML and do SEO analytic.
      • Switch crawler core from PHP to JS (CasperJS), fetching more JS render contents.
    4. Crawl Bing Ads search volume.
    5. Fetch Google Ads API.
  • SEO growth hacking tools - “Sweetdream(綺夢)”
    • Data visualization: data source includes Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google/Yahoo ranking, Google search volume.
  • “CupidAds” prototype develop : Keyword selecting tools for Google Ads
  • awoo 1st & 2nd intern training, junior engineer training


B.I.M. Information Management, Shih Hsin University, 2011 ~ 2015

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