Okis Chuang

A passionate problem solver who loves sharing what he knows and always pursuing one step more.  

- 8+ years of experiences in Backend/Server-side development.
- Proficient Node.JS developer.
- Broad knowledge of cloud service and sufficient network & security skills.
- Fast learner of everything, teamwork builder.
- Love workout, love and seek my own challenges.



Http Framework - express.js / hapi.js / fasitify.js / koa.js ORM & SQL builder - loopback.js / sequelize.js / typeorm / knex.js 

Database - MySQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle 

NoSQL - Redis / MongoDB

Message Queue - AWS SQS / Kafka 

Distributed Lock - Redlock

Language - nodejs / python / java

DevOps & FrontEnd

CI/CD - Travis / Jenkins / GitLabCI

Containers/Orchestration - Docker / Kubernetes / Vagrant

Automation - Ansible / Puppet / CloudFormation

Cloud - AWS

Monitoring, Alerting - Graphite / Grafana / icinga / Cacti 

Others - Helm / Harbor

Front-end - React.js / Redux / CSS


Sprint planning / Task Estimation / PBI Grooming / Retrospective / Story Refinement


JWT / 2-Way SSL 
OWASP / CVE / Kali / Penetration / SQL Injection

Work Experience

ShopBack, Senior Software Engineer, May 2019 ~ Present

  • Team player with proactive mindset. Own the changes I seek.
  • Work with PM and engineering teams from other countries to deliver product serving 7 countries in south east Asia.
  • Contribute and help team on smoothing scrum process on daily basis.
  • Help SRE and product team doing load testing during ShopBack Peak Season.
  • Mentoring juniors on software development and process.
  • Ideate innovative way to solve repetitive routines with new interesting project.

ShopBack Cashback Buddy - Browser extension

  • Full-stack design and development.
  • React / Redux development on browser extension.
  • Develop and maintain backend services for Frontend (TypeScript, Koa, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis)
  • Develop and maintain coupon service (Nest.js, MySQL, Redis, typeorm)
  • Use SQS to synchronize data operation among other micro-services.
  • Strong lead on database related tasks e.g. schema design / database migration / data operation.

ShopBack Internal Management Platform

  • Multi-React-apps developed simultaneously by different teams on a single platform
  • Deliver coupon related features enabling internal users to manage coupon data accurately for all platforms.
  • CI/CD development process with TravisCI

Coupon Crawlers

  • Use Python scrapy to crawl almost 10 coupon sites on 5 countries.
  • Integrate Slack with scraped result for coupon ops.

Gogoro, Team Lead, June 2018 ~ May 2019

Gogoro Energy Network Operation Platform

  • Led a 3 engineers team to deliver an internal platform to manage$10B+ worth company assets daily.
  • Work with PM to transform complex users' needs into optimized flows and break down to tasks for developers in technical design point of views.
  • Coach junior developers on nodejs, backend development, etc...
  • Design an architecture of near-real-time alerting system which consolidates several sources or services inside the company in hopes of replacing manual monitoring and unnecessary FAE dispatching to save costs.
  • Design a flexible inline rule engine of alerting system which can be configured with enough flexibility and semantics for engineers of NOC (Network Operating Center).
  • Conduct scrum practice in team and play role of scrum master.
  • Responsible for hiring talents for SW engineering team.

Innovation Product (Not Yet Release) 

  • Communicator and leader being responsible for software part among different function and platform teams e.g. Mobile, Machine Learning, Firmware, Power Chain, Stakeholders. 
  • I was the Architect who handles the architecture design of the platform and deliver entire IOT backend service independently including design/development/devOps tasks. 
  • Tech stack: Fastify (Nodejs HTTP framework) / EKS / Helm / Harbor (docker registry) / GitLabCI

Gogoro , Sr. Software Engineer, Apr 2018 ~ June 2018

Gogoro Core Backend Server for Energy Network and Mobile App

  • Solve resource contention issue by adopting distributed lock implemented with Redlock in C#
  • Restore all unit tests back to the team
  • Write a WCF testing client by myself for helping doing performance testing
  • Try to solve the scooter list problem by using smarter way
  • Try to help to improve and build up good practice and culture for the team: slack integration, gitlab pipeline, unit testing, technical sharing.
  • Conduct data migration smoothly with new platform

Trend Micro, Sr. Backend Engineer, Jul 2015 ~ Apr 2018

Trend Micro Home Network Security

An easy plug-n-use box which brings comprehensive network security to your entire home network. You can control and monitor all devices at home preventing threats or attacks from the outside world. Besides, profile-based parental control help you manage your kids usage and stop them from receiving inappropriate content.

I was able to work with frontend, mobile and embedded client smoothly. I was responsible for designing and building a backend system from scratch to run on production with 1k users.

NodeJS RESTful API server for mobile apps and embedded clients

  • Web framework: express , ORM : loopback , TDD : mocha
  • RDBMS: PostgreSQL , NoSQL: Redis
  • Session management: JSON Web Token
  • Role-based control: 2-way SSL, JWT, basic auth
  • CI/CD: Jenkins, Puppet
  • messaging: mqtt, kinesis
Experienced in designing a distributed system
  • Stability Design : PM2
  • Scalability Design
  • Load-Balancing: ELB, Reverse Proxy: Nginx
  • For State : CDN (AWS Cloudfront), Caching
  • Availability design
  • Database : Active-Passive Fail-Over (RDS multi-AZ)

Streaming-based Data Pipeline Service

Develop and build-up real-time streaming data pipeline for ETL, rule-based notification, and log archiving task.

  • Run microservices architecture under Kubernetes
  • Build, ship, run the Docker way
  • Use Kafka as messaging mechanism
  • Adopt concept of AWS Lambda - write simple and independent processing unit by NodeJS
    • Write stream-based application by nodejs stream library
  • Basic knowledge to design a simple data lake
  • Tools : NodeJS, Docker, Ansible, Jinja, AWS SES, AWS S3, Lambda

Serverless Streaming Event Aggregator Service

Design and implement a near-realtime micro-batching service by AWS streaming solution for products dashboard. User can know their network usage or threats blocked in near real-time.

  • Ability to design a service by adopting Serverless architecture
  • Experienced in AWS streaming solution : Kinesis stream Lambda RDS
  • Know how to tuning Kinesis and Lambda
  • PostgreSQL bulk upsert, CTE and Partition

Chunghwa Telecom, Backend Engineer, Aug 2012 ~ Jun 2015

Distributed AAA Proxy Dispatcher System

Design and implement Wi-Fi AAA proxy system for high loading public Wi-Fi. The system is responsible for doing policy control like rate-limit, session-timeout, and captive portal.

  • Use RADIUS RFC 2865, 2866 protocol and open source project - FreeRADIUS
  • Hardware L4 load-balancer
  • Master Slave HA in Oracle
  • Solid WLAN related knowledge
  • Concurrent users : 100, 000, Throughput : 1500 req/sec, 3.5M sessions/day

Real-Time Billing and User Online/Offline System

Design and implement Wi-Fi AAA proxy system for high loading public Wi-Fi. The system is responsible for doing policy control like rate-limit, session-timeout, and captive portal.
  • Use RADIUS RFC 2866 protocol and Implemented by Java
  • Broad use of Oracle PL/SQL
  • Integrate SNMP and SMS for alert mechanism
  • Use a lot of shell and perl script for file processing and scheduled jobs

Hewlett, Software Engineer, Sep 2011 ~ Sep 2012

FTP File Crawler and NB Patch Searching System

A tool with web interface that can craw files on internal FTP sites and provide simple UI for better searching the details info of patches.
  • PHP, MySQL, JQuery, Apache, Windows


National Central University, Master’s Degree, Computer Information Management, 2010 ~ 2012

National Central University, Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Information Management, 2006 ~ 2010

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