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德國連署請願-中文版網站German petition signed-Chinese website

By Chang-Ru Yang, January 19, 2020

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在連署截止日前幾天,和2位後端夥伴跟1位設計夥伴美感支援下,在很趕的時間下做了簡化的連署中文版網站,讓使用者不用手動翻譯德文網站和操作複雜的流程,提高連署意願。 網站連結:
A few days before the deadline for signing up, with the support of the aesthetics of 2 back-end partners and 1 design partner, a simplified signing of the Chinese version of the website was made in a hurry, so that users did not need to manually translate the German website and operate complex websites. Process to increase willingness to sign. Website link:

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