Rachel Weisel

I am a multidisciplinary designer with a background in home decor and children's apparel.  I have a passion for textiles, color, and snacks.

email:      phone: (551) 206-3349


Pattern Making

I create original repeat patterns and place prints using the Adobe Creative Cloud, hand sketching, watercolors, purchased artwork, beading and embroidery. I drawn inspiration from vintage textiles from around the world as well as contemporary brands.


I use the Adobe Creative Cloud along with hand sketching to create graphics and typography for children's apparel, home decor products, and promotional material for a range of brands.

Trend Research

I have experience in completing full market assessments and seasonal trend boards for a variety of product categories; taking into account market trends, trend reports, vintage inspiration, travel, social media, and sales history.

Product Design

I have experience creating factory ready designs for a wide range of products. I oversee the development process from conception through sampling and final approvals.   (Products include; pillows, table textiles, napkin rings, glasses, wall art, storage, mirrors, T-shirts, and children's accessories.) 


I believe in giving the team who works under me clear expectations as well as the tools and freedom they need to succeed.  I utilize 15 Five, brief weekly check-ins, and a general approach of communication to accomplish these goals.


I develop and implement standards for design calendars, production timelines, seasonal line plans, trend research, color matching, and product development sheets.


Sr Designer, Kim Seybert Living - Feb 2016- Dec 2016

Working at Kim Seybert has allowed me to see how a fashion home brand draws inspiration and develops product.  I was able to participate in many aspects of the design process including yearly trips to Brimfield flea market, trend brainstorming, and artwork purchasing.  Being in a design focused environment drove my creative decisions while managing the Kim Seybert Living line.  Although the Kim Seybert living line produces more then double the the number of products per quarter than the main line, I was able to draw inspiration from the same sources and create similar product within a mass market price point.  

In addition to managing the licensed product at Kim Seybert I also created textile prints and hard goods for main line. Working on these projects allowed me to focus on each artwork I was creating.  I saw first hand the time and attention put into the details that form the product in the high end market.

Home Decor Merchandiser/ Designer, Adjmi Apparel Group-  Jan 2015- Feb 2016

My role at Adjmi Apparel gave me a wide range of opportunities to learn through hands on experience.  I was designing a variety of home decor products while simultaneously wearing many hats.  I managed a team of designers, led the market research, and presented ideas to our main clients. I was able to carry out these roles by staying organized, positive, delegating, and taking coffee breaks to refuel. 

With the help of my team we were able to increase the overall office efficiency and sales for the company.  We created a seasonal office calendar with structured office meetings and product milestones from "big picture" through arrival in store.  I led the design team in creating a seasonal line plan; taking into account market research, evaluation of past sales, and production capabilities.  Through these efforts we opened a major account increasing projected sales for the year by a third for our division.

Graphic Artist/ Assistant to Creative Director, Sara Kety Baby and Kid-  June 2008- Jan 2015

I started working at Sara Kety Baby and Kid right after I finished college.  Both the company and I were just starting out. I helped the company grow from a small T-shirt business in the owners basement to a brand that is sold in many major department stores.  

I was involved in all areas of design from brainstorming through product presentation.  I was responsible for creating all of the apparel graphics, promotional material, and tech packs used to create and sell the product.  Additionally I contributed to the company structure, its branding and product conception.  During my time there, I learned the value of being part of a team and that persistent hard work pays off.

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