Yu-Hao Chang

Software developer with a great sense of perceiving and interpreting user experience, capable of setting up continuous integration processes while developing the application with unit tests. In 2017, I was assigned to the headquarter in USA and successfully guided the interns to complete several core modules of EHS(environment, health & safety) platform. 

Senior Frontend Developer at Logic Solutions, Inc.

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  • JS Frameworks & State Management
    • React / Redux
    • Angular 5
    • Angular JS
  • Test Framework
    • Mocha
    • Jest
  • Continuous Integration
    • Travis CI
    • Gitlab CI
    • Jenkins
  • Server-Side Framework & API Layer
    • Firebase
      • Hosting
      • Authentication
      • Cloud Firestore
  • Unity
    • unity-webvr-export
  • CSS
    • Sass / SCSS
    • CSS-in-JS


Senior Front End Developer

Logic Solutions, Inc.                                                               Taipei, Taiwan Jul 2015 - Present

Michigan mobile app, eCommerce, web design & development consulting company based in Ann Arbor: 200 employees worldwide.

  • Set up reusable UI components, save 50% development time for new products
  • Took responsibility for upgrading the EHS platform from AngularJS to Angular 5 
  • Manage scrum project via Jira Software
  • Discuss wireframe & mockup with PM & UI designers at the early stage
  • Survey out-of-the-box solutions like third-party components or templates before working on a mockup
  • Carry out unit tests for continuous integration
  • Recruit new team members

Professional High School Math Tutor

Teacher Chang’s Math Class                                            Hsinchu, Taiwan Jun 2013 - Jun 2015

  • Personalized tutoring and help students build confidence and achieve goals

Firmware Engineer

Sunext Technology, Inc.                                                    Hsinchu, Taiwan Aug 2011 - Jun 2013

  • Design read & write strategy for reader & writer of Blu-ray player


National Taiwan University                                                                 Taipei, Taiwan Sep 2005 - Sep 2010


 B.S. in department of engineering science and ocean engineering


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Findatsu - Find Experts Nearby

This web site allows users to find experts in a particular field, built with React, Redux and Firebase. https://findar-514d2.firebaseapp.com/ (please browse the website on your mobile device for a better experience)

Required Skills

  • React
    • Redux
    • redux-thunk - dispatch a function instead of an action for asynchronous actions such as API requests 
    • redux-logger - log actions, previous & after states 
    • react-router - declarative routing for React 
    • react-select - select component built with React 
  • Firebase
    • Hosting - deploy to SSL certificated site 
    • Authentication - social login via Facebook and Google 
    • Cloud Firestore - flexible, scalable NoSQL cloud database to store and sync data 
  • CSS 
    • CSS-in-JS - inject css via higher-order component instead of defining in external files 
  • Theme
    • material-ui - react components with Material Design 
  • Translation 
    • react-i18next - internationalization for react, based on i18next. Mange translation via locize.com 
  • Google Map API - embed Google Map images with static api, open Google Maps or Apple Maps once users click the image on mobile devices

Draggable To-Do List

A draggable todo list based on React, Redux and React DnD https://github.com/robenten/react-redux-draggable-todolist

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Continuous Integration

Automatically build and test code changes via Travis CI. Deploy to Github Pages automatically after a successful build.

Required Skills

  • React
    • react-dnd - drag & drop component for React
  • Redux
  • CI
    • Travis CI - continuous integration tool
  • CSS
    • Bootstrap - include bootstrap.min.css

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Quantum - Cloud EHS Platform

A cloud-based EHS (Environment, health and safety) platform helps clients to efficiently organize and implement inspections, storage, tracking waste and hazardous chemicals. http://www.usequantum.com/


As the project’s frontend team leader, I have to work closely with PM & UI designer at the early stage and survey out-of-the-box solutions like third-party components or templates before working on a mockup to speed up the development process. 
  • Set up reusable UI components, save 50% development time for new products
  • Took responsibility for upgrading the EHS platform from AngularJS to Angular 5
  • Carry out unit tests for continuous integration
  • Review merge requests
  • Recruit new team members

WebVR project built with unity

Export simple unity tutorial into WebVR format via unity-webvr-export. https://robenten.github.io/unity-webvr-roll-a-ball/

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