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Shih-Fang Chen

Learner in the fields of Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Robotics • Taoyuan,TW

M.S., in Computer Science and Engineering (Computer Vision), Yuan Ze University 

Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honorary Membership

Honours Student of Taichung City

IELTS : overall band scores 6.0 

👉 Bookworm and Tech Geek : I am always hungry that I'm lovin' eat books, competitive paper, and cutting-edge know-how

Work Experience and Service

Dept. EE, Yuan-Ze University
Visiting Computer Vision Researcher and Engineer, Mar 2020 - Present

As a Computer Vision Researcher and Engineer at the Department of Electrical Engineering in Yuan-Ze University, I cooperate with a computer vision expert, Prof. Huang-Chia Shih, developing 3D vision, object recognition, semantic segmentation and tracking research projects in Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST) and Ministry of Justice.

  • Heterogeneous and Multitudinous Shredded Bank Notes Reassembly Approach[video
  • Baseball batting/pitching optimization and player status rapid screening technology research and development(3D trajectory approximation reconstruct from single-camera sequences)[video] (onging)


Dept. CSE, Yuan-Ze University
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Feb 2018 - Feb 2020 

As a research assistant at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Yuan-Ze University, I cooperate with Prof. Ting-Ying Chien develop a research project in image processing as well as being a teaching assistant in the linear algebra and big data analytics courses.

  • A Robust Counting and Measurement Approach for Stacked Substrates[video1][video2]


Military Police 202 Command
Military Police, July 2017 - Nov 2017compulsory

As a military police, I develop a combat mindset / close-quarters battle skills and police in both the armed forces and in the civilian population.


Office of International and Cross-Strait Cooperation, CYUT
General Coordinator, June 2016 - Dec 2016

As a team leader to handle a study tour exhibition, I plan, I organise, I lead and I achieve organizational success. Looking at our fans-page and exhibition report in more details.


A Robust Counting and Measurement Approach for Stacked Substrates  (2018-2020)
A masters dissertation | An industry-university cooperative research project】
Publishing journal paper in EAAI 2020 (ongoing)
This project help our customers achieve cost, labour and time efficiency (reduce NTD $ten million cost per year)


Computer Vision Engineer and Researcher

  • Develop a novel approach for image restoration, noise reduction, object recognition, localisation and segmentation
  • Negotiating with project stakeholders
  • Competitive papers study


  • Achieve semantic PCBs-background segmentation and PCBs-ridge-lines segmentation
  • Combine the strength of texture analysis, colour space conversions, structural analysis, morphology, image restoration to triumph over the problem of unfathomable noises of stacked substrates to achieve measurement meticulously

The Development of Drone-Assisted Detection System for High-Risk Disaster Areas (2016-2017)
Recently there have been many fearless relief workers who have bravely sacrificed their lives in hazardous areas. 
Based on that, I developed a Drone-Assisted Detection System for High-Risk Disaster Areas.
Publishing conference paper in 11th AIT and was awarded 4 awards in different project competitions


Team Leader and Software Engineer

  • Project management skills: 
    • Team building
    • Progress management
    • Project completion report 
    • Maintenance supplies and marketing
    • Production migration
Project Objectives:
  1. Using aircraft patrols the surrounding hazardous areas
  2. The aircraft can be controlled by the computer remotely
  3. Develop a autonomous drone flying system

Personal Contribution:

  • Programming Experience in C++ and OpenCV
    • Drone-object tracking and detection algorithm  
    • Flight control algorithm and its user interface
    • Real-time remote data storage service
  • Programming Experience in Python
    • Build an protocol between flight control system and UAV platform
  • Drone Assembly and Calibration experience
  • Aviation Safety Test and Bug Fixes

Deep Learning and Computer Vision Side Projects

Side Project: 

Programming language: Python and C++
Framework : Keras / Tensorflow / Pytorch
Library : OpenCV, et cetera.

Academic Achievement

GPA : 4.0 / 4.0,   Average Score : 94, ranking top 1. Entrance in advance on Feb 2018. Early Graduate on Feb 2020 (postgraduate)

GPA : 3.64 / 4.0, Average Score : 86, ranking top 6% by a 120 students group (2013~2017 undergraduate studies)

Tech Certifications / Awards

2019 OpenCV Official Training COMPUTER VISION 1

2018 Introduction to R for Data Science

2017 Bronze Medal Award in 2017 Creative Software Applications Contest


2017 Honourable Mention Award in 2017 Creative Software Applications Contest


2017 Publishing conference paper in the 11th International Conference(AIT)

發表資訊科技國際研討會論文 .

2016 First Place Award in the Project Competition of Dept of CSIE, CYUT

105 學年度資訊工程系「專題競賽」第一名 .

2014 Red Hat Certified System Administrator(RHCSA)

2012 First Place Award in the World Robot Olympiad, Taipei

國際奧林匹亞機器人大賽 北區第一名 .

Extracurricular Certifications / Awards

2020 The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of the R.O.C Honorary Membership

中華民國斐陶斐榮譽學會 榮譽會員 (Certification)

2019 AI course in University of Notre Dame

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Embedded System Short Course, introduction to ML & DL

2017 Honours Student Award, Taichung

台中市105學年度模範生 (Photo with the Taichung mayor, certification)

2017 IELTS : overall band scores 6.0 (quadruple 6)


2015 The CYUT Elite Student (Fully-Funded Scholarship)


2013 Professional Certificates Award


2011 The Certiport Spelling Bee Advanced

Certiport美國拼字大賽 特優等

Professionalism means consistency of quality. 

                                                                                                                                        Frank Tyger

Projects 02 00@2x

DS LAB 2019

Learning in the Data Science Lab YZU with Professor Ting-Ying Chien


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Latest Resume Version: Feb 2020


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