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Shu-Wei Liu

Senior Software Engineer at 91APP, Inc.

Have been developing C# in .Net environment for five years.

Good at system maintenance, problem analytics and T-SQL performance tuning.

Experienced in Amazon Web Services, Jenkins, Application Insights and CloudWatch.

Familiar with Unit Test and web API develop.


WorkExperience & Skills

91APP, Senior Software Engineer (Sep 2017 ~ Present)

E Commerce Team (2019/01~)

Develop shopping services and increacing sales performance by promotion modules. Payment flow and logistics integration. ‧

  • Sales promotion Module design. ‧
  • Third-Party Payment flow design. ‧
  • Third-Party Application Programming Interface concatenation. (JKoPay)

Server Reliability Group (~2019/01)

Improving system effective to make sure system reliability and online 24hrs.

  • System Maintenance.
  • Problem solving and analytical skills (Application Insights & CloudWatch).
  • Backend DevOps.
  • Unit Test (xUnit).
  • Dependency Injection (Autofac).
  • T-SQL performance Tuning (MSSQL).
  • CI/CD Service (Jenkins).
  • Cloud Platforms (AWS).
  • Version Control.

ARES International Corp, Consultant (Jun 2014 ~ Aug 2017)

Develop Manufacturing Execution System(MES) named ciMes and import it to promote customer's production efficiency.

  • Develop Hybrid Application with AngularJS/Cordova .
  • System Analyzis.
  • System Design.
  • Testing Report.


  • Designed the main flow of Third-Party payment.
  • Designed Sales-Promotion Module, which achieved fast iteration.
  • Resolved duplication of payment status that has been bothering us more than 2 years form 1356 cases to 0.
  • Resolved duplication of shipments that has been bothering us about a year.
  • Optimized the execution efficiency of Backend System by separating Websites and Apis which were on the same machine.
  • Optimized the efficiency of CI and increased the speed twice.
  • Reduced the cost of cloud machines about 18 thousands US dollars per year.
  • Optimized the efficiency of CI /CD jobs and reduced the manual execution step about one-quarter or one-six.
  • Integrated release documents that helping all release managers.
  • Initiated new CI / CD jobs for the queue service, which solved all the difficulties and make everyone can deploy it.


Yuan Ze University, Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering, 2013

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