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Liu, Tien Chun

 I am currently in charge of software development management and software project time management, and currently have 9 years of work experience. 

At present, the main customer is Taiwan's automotive factory-installed products, which delivers its software function package of vehicle infotainment system.

Automotive Software Develop Manager



SW Project Management

Obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP) license in 2011. The automotive software project management experience is as follows.

Project List:

  1. Luxgen S3 9" IVI (2016/05 M/P)
  2. Luxgen S3 EV IV (2016/12 M/P)
  3. Luxgen U5 IVI (2017/10 M/P)
  4. Luxgen U6 IVI (2017/11 M/P)
  5. Luxgen GPM IVI (2018/12)
Technical Research Project:

  1. Deep Learning base on autopilot
  2. Connect Car function develop

    System Analysis

Past engineer experience was follows,

  • System development (Windows)
  • Cloud backend web 
  • Mobile application (andird)
Has extensive experience in software system analysis.
  • Analyze customer functional requirements 
  • Functional and system architecture analysis
  • Split software functions to the team

Client Project Technology Window

  • Learn how to correctly understand customer needs, and turn them into engineering specifications and internal implementation details.
  • Assist customers in assessing the impact of design changes and the timing of change import.
  • On-site assistance in the analysis/solution of problem points, causes and countermeasures.

Exhibitor Technology Planning & Business Development

  1. CES(2014-US)
  2. SAE(2015-US)
  3. AMPA(2016-Taiwan)
  4. Company's show room plan construction(2017-to-date)
  5. China Business Development/Site Presentation Technical Highlights (2017-to-date)
  6. Expected to participate in the China CES Exhibition(2018-China)


  • Leading the software application development department from 2015
    • Leading the team to deliver customer product functionality as expected
    • Planning Software Technology Forward-looking Research and Implementation Import Road Map
      • AI/ Autopilot Simulation Implement
      • Connected Car related applications Implement
    • Software task assignment management.


Chung Yuan University Information and Computer Engineering (master)

September 2009 - July 2011

Paper: A Study of Agile Software Project Development Productivity Analysis

Chung Yuan University Information and Computer Engineering (bachelor)

September 2002 - July 2006


Antec Electric System Co., Ltd,May 2014-to-Date

 Software Development Manager

1. Lead the software team to develop IVI software functions.

  • Mass production
    1. Luxgen S3 9" IVI    (2016/05)
    2. Luxgen S3 EV IV    (2016/12)
    3. Luxgen U5 IVI        (2017/10)
    4. Luxgen U6 IVI        (2017/11)
  • Software function development list
    1. BT Phone/Music
    2. Around View system connection
    3. APA system connection
    4. Audio and video entertainment functions
    5. Navi App import...etc
2.  Lead the team to develop connected car networking function and establish the company's own backend server 

3. Lead the team to study deep learning and AI-related technologies through data collection and training,      using remote control cars to demonstrate automatic driving.

Acer Incorporated,August 2011 - May 2014

Senior Engineer.

Writing program architecture and implementation(Windows Base)。

1. Smart Timer:

    • Through the learning of user's commonly used laptop period, it establishes prediction of user's use of heat, and reduces/extends standby time to achieve power saving and user convenience.
    • Patent application passed- Smart Timer System.
2. Acer Benchmark tool & UEIP (User Behavior Tracking Plugin ) :

    • Take over this two project, implement new features and maintain issues  
3. Windows on ARM :

    • Project Name: Thor
    • Project Name: Odin
    • Project Name: Guess

Galaxy Software Services Co., Ltd,September 2009 - May 2011

Project Engineer.

1. Code implementation (Web Base)。

  • SK Bank: Bank product web function increase project(
  • FetNet IDC: Process Integration System function increase project(
  • HTC: Knowledge-based single service management system product development (Java)
  • GSS Company: PMIS Project Management Information System Development (Java)
2. Obtained the Project Management Professional (PMP) license in 2011/5

In-Vehicle Infotainment Project 

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Mass Production

 LUXGEN S3 - 9” Smart IVI System


Mass Production

LUXGEN S3 EV- 12” Smart IVI System


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Mass Production

LUXGEN U5 - 12” Smart IVI System


Mass Production

LUXGEN U6 - 12” Smart IVI System


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Product News

Electronic Media reports

Media reports 

9" Display IVI system

Media reports

12" Display IVI system

Deep Learning/AI Study - Simulated automatic driving

Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Simulated Auto Driving -1

  1. Using the LSTM model
  2. Actual road image as input source

Simulated Auto Driving -2

  1. Build a scale to reduce the actual road platform
  2. Using NVidia TX2 platform
  3. Collect road continuous pictures
  4. Using Deep Learning to Get Related Model Parameters
  5. Demo simulation by remote control car

Connected Car

Projects 01 00@2x 9a5a97084c8e268ae3725d8e03654d1815ae2eb597b59c292ae4d0beffa7b703

Connected Car - 

Vehicle Error Message upload to backend server

  • Demonstrate that the actual vehicle has been diagnosed with an error message and timely sent a message to the cloud server.

Connected Car - 

GPS Location info upload to backend server

  • Demonstrate real vehicle-related information timely sned back to cloud server.
  • Big data collection/Analysis.

Connected Car - 

remote control function demo

  1. Vehicle Door lock Control 
  2. Vehicle flash Control demo
  3.  Vehicle whistle control demo

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