Tyler Tsai

        A frontend engineer explores web design with over 3+ years since senior high school and 1+ years of management experience. I'm a responsible and self-driven person, be good at organization skills, time management, and strong troubleshooting ability. As an early majority in the technology life cycle, there is lots of pleasure for me to research trend stuff and share with other interested people.





  • Familiar with handling browser compatibility issues
  • Familiar with RWD and AWD
  • The sensibility of UI/UX
  • Familiar with CSS framework, bootstrap
  • Experience in CSS preprocessor, sass
  • Experience in BEM, css module, styled component


  • Familiar with ES6
  • Familiar with React, Redux, Rxjs, redux-observable, jQuery
  • Experience in using Next.js for practicing SSR side project
  • Experience in using Antd to accelerate UI building 
  • Experience in using Apollo GraphQL on side project
  • Experience in using typescript, flow for rigorous coding style
  • Experience in using CRA to set up modern app quickly
  • Experience in using reslect for improving performance
  • Experience in Vue, Vuex, and Angular7
  • Familiar with Ajax and RESTful API
  • Experience in connecting third-party API
  • Experience in using web worker for handling javascript single thread problem

Other related

  • Experience in PHP/MySQL with  XAMPP and Nginx
  • Experience for adopting live stream like hls, rtmp, hdl(http-flv)
  • Experience in using Eslint and prettier for nice coding quality
  • Adopt husky and lint-staged to avoid pushing unregular code to origin
  • Experience in using i18n for language switching
  • Experience in manage tool, Jira/Trello
  • Basis in GA/SEO
  • Experience in using error tracking tool, SENTRY
  • Experience in developing chrome extensions 
  • Experience in using storybook to manage UI component
  • shell script 
  • nodejs


  • Experience in writing unit tests with different frameworks and mock different kind of situations and data.
  • Experience in training the QA team to do e2e testing by testcafe and puppeteer.

Version Control

  • Git / GitHub / GitLab 
  • GUI tool, Gitkraken
  • Experience in GitLab CI/CD and yaml syntax
  • Adopt Jenkins instead of GitLab CI/CD to decrease 99% CD time.


  • WebAssembly
  • prisma


Frontend Team Leader of Balvenie - 2018 / 8  - present

Manage the frontend team which has seven members. 

What I do is: 

1. Maintain existed project and assign tasks to team members. 

2. Communicate with UI/UX designer, pm, DevOps, backend member and develop new product. 

3. Improve maintenance and performance for existed product. 

4. Build the test system for all product.

5. Regulate the team coding style and execute code review steadily.

6. Organize algorithm practicing and technology seminar irregularly for raising the technological capability of whole frontend team.

7. Build an internal blog for tech-sharing.

8. Adopting KPI and OKR at the same time for management as Mark Zuckerberg said I expect each team member "Don’t do things reactively, but proactively."

product:  digital lottery, sport lottery, e-sport platform, web app, backstage system, finance system, etc.

key skills: React, Redux, redux-observable, vue, vuex

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Frontend Engineer of Innooz - InternShip  - 2015 / 7  - 2017 / 2 

Build the company website but it had been revised, and I also work with PM ad ART to finish some project which company assigned

project link: 樂手巢

key skills: jQuery, vue, Laravel

Experiences 00 01@2x 6daa47d1df70d315f129dcecdd562003831581c4cdd8f9c819aa22d4a24ae150

Senior High School Project - 2013

development of the whole website system including frontend and backend 

 key skills: jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Apache



National Taipei University of Technology 

Computer Science and Information Engineering

2017-2018 (exchange student)

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Economic and Social Sciences


silver medal award

National skill competition for web design in 2012

gold medal award

middle-area skill competition for web design in Taiwan in 2012

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