Wu, Jia-Hsi

My given name is Wu, Jia-Hsi and you can called me by my English name: Josh. I live and born in Taipei, Taiwan. Currently a student major in English in Providence University, Taichung. And working as PT sales and bike mechanic in Decathlon. I take English and cycling as a lifelong passion, thus combining these two as a profession would be my ultimate goal as the career. 

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English/Chinese Translator  

I got 2 years of experience as a conference interpreter for Chupower tools co. and  Rikulau bicycle company. Thanks to these two companies I've manage to acquire some proper field training as a interpreter. Such career is also what I would like to pursuit in the future. 

Club level cyclist

I am not the best cyclist in the area, but since cycling is my lifelong passion, I would love to think that I've got both the faith and the ambition to be amongst the best. I can generally race to top fifteen in most local club races as long as the parcours suits me. 

Cycling tour guide 

Cycling as a career choice as been a things that I pursuit ever since I get to know the sport. So I have to get this course which delivered by "Formosa Lohas Cycling Association" a try. The course taught us the way to lead the fellow team member as well as get along and create a good memories for client during the trip.

Bicycle maintenance and repair

To get to know more about bicycle industry and how bikes were manufactured, I applied the internship in Rikulau bicycle company as a bicycle mechanic. I learnt how to put all the bike parts together and do proper maintenance and repair of the bikes.

Lead the team

It is always fun and fulfilling to share what I've learnt with fellow cyclist, so I put together a group of students from the university which I also studied in. Then the team train by me, offer them advice in terms of training plan, diet, racing tactics in accordance with 3 years of experience as a club racer. Together, our team took a 5th and a 2nd place in the same local race. And, of course, our most honourable achievement yet, crossing the line with my teammate and I as double stage winners in our regional competition. Teamwork matters. 

Second foreign language

Cycling is not the only thing I adored. I have the same level of passion towards English as well as the acquisition of other Anglo-Saxon languages. Ever since I started to take English seriously was the moment that got me curious about other Anglo-Saxon language. I self-taught myself German, within a week I was able to pronounce the language. At the moment I am able to guess the approximate meaning of the text. Yes, it is still not enough, but I am always motivated to learn another language just for the sheer pleasure of it.


Chupower Tools co. (Jan 2014 ~ Present)

I have been working for the company as a contract interpreter for about 2 year. The company specialized in a variety of clamps and vices, therefore what I've acquired is not merely field skill in interpretation but also some basic mechanical knowledge as well.

Rikulau Bicycle co. (Mar 2013 ~ Present)

Rikulau is a brand that builds high quality steel and titanium bike frame. I will be working as a resident interpreter in its booth in annual Taipei Cycling Exhibition, or, as the booth gets busy, I would also take the place as sales who dealing with foreigners. The firm is also my sponsor is the race, they support me with all kinds of bike parts, sometimes even high end bikes. 

Providence University (Mar 2016)

Put my English skill to the test as I join a 3 men team (a professor included) to take good care of a little bit over 2 dozens of scholar from over 10 different nations during a trip to Lukang, a historical town. The nature of the job was in a high resemblance of a tour guide.

Formosa Loha Cycling Association (2015 ~ Presence)

Being a cycling guide is also one of the choice since I want to combine my two different passions together. The association taught me all things I need to know about being a cycling tour guide. I also manage to acquired some extensive amount of field experience in terms of leading a team or become a good team player.

English Tutor (Mar 2015 ~ Jul 2015)

Almost all the English-majored students in Taiwan did work as a English Tutor some point during their time in college. I was responsible for teaching and engaging a basic English conversation. It's really hard to beat the kind of sense of achievement when the kid finally willing to open up and try to talk for just a little bit of English. It made the hardship so much worth it.

Rikulau Bicycle co. (Jun 2015 ~ Jul 2015)

During the summer vacation, I decided to take my knowledge in cycling to another level. So I asked the company whether if they would spent sometime instructing me all the mechanical that related with bicycle. Fortunately they accepted my request; within just over a month I learnt what it takes to assemble a complete bike as well as repairing the malfunctions.  

Sports Administration, Ministry of Education (Jun 2012)

My first ever experience as a cycling tour guide. My team, which consisted of 4 other experienced riders, was responsible for the safety of a group of 25 junior high school students during a 2 day activity called "Rite of Passage".

Chong Shing Elites of Kuomintang (Oct 2014)

It was a political course available by Kuomintang or Chinese Nationalist Party, one of the major leading party in Taiwan. Thanks to the lecturer in college course to invite us to the course so that I was able to really understand how a political party functions and their centre thinking. I am in no position to criticized anything about it, but it is always a good idea to get to comprehend different person's way of thinking or their ideas. 

Nan Shan basic insurance course (20 Jul 2016 ~ 23 Jul 2016)

Insurance is and will never be my career of choice, but I think it is the subject we all have to encounter some day in the future. Therefore I took a 3-day-intensive-course to do just that.

Joy English (Apr. 2015)

I was working in Joy English as a teaching assistance. Joy English is a Taiwanese cram school which teaches entry level English, usually to elementary school students. The job also require me to have a face to face conversation with parents, which could be a bit tricky and stressful sometimes. It was a good experience for sure.

Decathlon, Taiwan (October 2016)

I currently working in Decathlon, the famous sporting accesory retailer from France, as a PT sales as well as bike mechnic in the workshop. It is a challenging position to work in as different customer has different needs. Generally speaking, I love being around with the person who also love bikes and knows their stuff, but introducing to the person who just recently got into the sport, and totally ablivious to what the kind of gear he/she wants, is a whole new different task. But I love the uncertainty of the job brought to the table, it further enhanced what I was lacking: The patience and the capability to communicate efficiently. 
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WWII stories have always about bravery and heroism. This is the reason why I've been so fascinated by it. Through the enchanting method of storytelling technique, reading history is no longer an errant. It is more like a thrilling adventure. 


It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life

L. Armstrong is, no doubt, a controversial figure in the eyes of both cyclist and non-cyclist. However, he is one of the most influential character in my cycling career. The fact that he won the Tour de France for seven consecutive times as a cancer survivor is far from enough to keep me wonder how motivated and ambitious he actually is. And I would love to have he's kind of fighting spirit. I will, without a shadow of a doubt, leave the doping part alone.


Justice: What's the Right Thing To Do

One of my all-time favorite book. The author Michael Sandel invites the readers to take a closer looks to the daily decision we make. Instead of telling us right from wrong bluntly, he tend to guide us through our own way of thinking and common knowledge. This book, in any way, is definitely not a hard book to read whether in context or vocabulary wise. It is more like a one on one discussion with the professor rather than a serous thesis.



In literal translation, the title of the book means "70 issues Related to China". It is an obligation, in my opinion, for Taiwanese to know more or less about China: Our strongest, not so friendly neighbour. It provides some valid points, backed by evidence to illustrates the Author's point of view towards CCP regime, and how should Taiwan, which the Beijing government rightfully claimed to possess the sovereignty over Taiwan independence, react to it.


If you go (with a break), you can either win or not win. If you don't go for it, you definitely won't win.Jens Voigt 
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