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Software Developer
Kocaeli , TR


Work Experience

Tezcan Galvaniz, Software Developer, Nov 2019 ~ Present

I am working on the development of WPF based Tezcan Erp program developed with C #.

Onay Bilişim, Software Developer, Sep 2019 ~ Nov 2019

I took part in a mobile application project developed using Ionic 4.


Afyon Kocatepe University, 2008 ~ 2016

Material Science and Engineering

Bilge Adam Information Technology Group, 2016 ~ 2016

Qualified IT Specialist Training Program (800 hours)



Typescript - Angular 8, ngxs

CSS - Bootstrap


Javascript - Nodejs, expressjs, jwt

C# - Net Core Web Api


Trello, Clickup, Zoho CRM

Version Control

GIT(Gitlab/GitHub), TFS


Azure - Azure App Service, Cosmosdb,  Azure Pipelines 

Digital Ocean - VPS Droplet 


RDBMS - MS SQL Server, Entity Framework, Ado.Net

NoSQL - MongoDB, Mongoose

Mobile Applications

Ionic 4 - Angular 7 

Flutter - Dart

Machine Learning

Python - Tensorflow, MNIST Dataset


Raspberry pi 4 - Raspbian

Desktop Applications

C# - Console, Windows Form, WPF 

Javascript - Electronjs


Visual Studio, Vscode, Sublime Text, Atom, Pycharm, Android Studio, Postman, Unity, Miro


C# - Unity Sdk
Javascript - Phaserjs
Interests Languages and Frameworks & Technologies Ruby on Rails, Django, Vuejs, Reactjs, React Native, Postgresql, Redis, Docker, Kubernates, CI/CD

Augmented Reality

Unity - Vuforia, Wikitude, 8thWall

Computer Vision

Opencv - Opencvsharp

Interests Languages and Frameworks & Technologies

Ruby on Rails, Django, Vuejs, Reactjs, React Native, Postgresql, Redis, Docker, Kubernates, CI/CD


Swimming, cycling, running, triathlon, electronic music, cinema, electric guitar

Projects - Nodejs, Angular 9, ExpressJs, MongoDb, Socketio, Mongoose, Jwt

I developed the fullstack software of my project that I was running individually and made server configurations. For beta testing process, I published it under domain. MEAN stack, digitalocean droplet, Ubuntu 18.04, Nginx, Nodejs, Pm2

.Net Core Mvc WebApi, Jwt, Entity framework code first

I developed a rest api project with token-based authorization using .net core, mssql, entityframework core code first and jwt.

Nodejs, Electronjs

With the modbus-serial npm module, I have developed a modbus client that can read input registers between 30001-30100 and holding registers between 40001-40100 per second and write to holding registers. I have enabled the read values to be displayed in electron js application instantly.

Angular One Page Ngxs State Management Demo

I developed a demo project where login and register operations can be performed using ngxs state management.

3D Data Visualization - Nodejs, expressjs, cesiumjs, openstreetmap

I developed a data visualization project using Cesiumjs and openstreetmap globe.

Tensorflow Linear Model MNIST Dataset

By creating a single layer artificial neural network with Tensorflow, I conducted model training with the MNIST data set with 2000 iterations and tested the model related to the test data. I used softmax activation function during the training of my neural network that I created with 10 neurons. I used GradientDescentOptimizer as backpropagation function.

Dart, Flutter, Google Firestore

With Flutter, I have developed a google firebase-based mobile application where users can subscribe and login, create an advertisement and publish it on the homepage and display the advertisements they have created on their profiles.

Eventidea Social Events Network - Ionic 4, Angular 8, Ms Sql Server

I took part in a mobile application project developed using Ionic 4.

Angular Project- Angular 8, Bootstrap 4

I developed a web application with Angular 8.

Web Based 2d Multiplayer Game Demo - Phaserjs, Socket io, Nodejs

I developed a simple 2d game demo that can be multiplayer with nodejs using the 2d web game engine phaser js and socket io.

MEAN Stack App - Javascript, Typescript, Nodejs, Angular 7, ExpressJs, MongoDb, Mongoose, Jwt

I have developed a mobile-supported website where users can become members and enter the title and enter the opened titles.

Twitter-Youtube Video Application - C #, Twitter API, Youtube API, Blogger API, Entity Framework

With this application, I have developed software that automatically creates video using Twitter API, c # Accord, youtube API, Blogger API, Selenium.

Android Augmented Reality Demo - Unity, Android SDK, C #, 8th Wall, Google ARCore

I developed an augmented reality application using the 8th Wall augmented reality library.

Pdf Application - C #, WPF, Spire PDF, PdfSharp

I developed a pdf application that converts Excel or Word files to pdf format, can combine multiple pdf pages, and parse integrated pdf files. I used Spire PDF and PdfSharp libraries in my application.

Quality Control Reporting Automation - C #, WPF, Excel EPPLUS, Spire PDF, XML

Within the scope of Çanakkale Çan Thermal Power Plant Project, I developed a reporting automation application that automatically generates various quality control reports. I used Excel EPPLUS library and Spire PDF libraries in my application. I performed database operations over XML files.

Image Processing Application Demo - C #, OpenCV

Using the OpenCV image processing library, I have developed application demos that perform the functions of line definition, face identification and color identification on the image files provided to the program with the haar cascade classifier.

Trimble Tekla Profile List Automation - C #, Windows Form, Excel EPPLUS

In addition to making the output of the project material list taken from the Tekla program, which is used extensively in the construction sector, I have developed automation software that provides a significant improvement of the existing workload by automating the manual work on weight, size and price parameters.

3D Augmented Reality Application Demo - Unity, C #, Vuforia

Using the Vuforia augmented reality library, I developed a demo software project based on the creation of a 3D construction project model on A4 paper with a special QR code output.

Logistics Personnel Information System - C #, OOP, Layered Architecture, Entity Framework Code First

With Entity framework Code First, I developed a personnel information system application where personnel, training, non-compliance, premium CRUD transactions can be performed. I used OOP and layered architecture in my application. I used generic repository and unit of work design patterns as design patterns.

Real Estate Tracking Application - C #, OOP, Layered Architecture, Entity Framework Code First

With the Entity framework Code First, I developed a real estate automation application where a real estate company can save its real estate, update its information, list its real estates with various filtering. I used OOP and layered architecture in my application. I used generic repository and creative design patterns as design patterns.

Travel Agency Personnel Tracking and Ticket Sales Automation - C #, OOP, Layered Architecture, XML

Within the framework of OOP rules and using layered architecture, I have developed a travel agency application that can sell tickets to customers and perform personnel, vehicle and route CRUD transactions with its included route management, vehicle management, personnel management, ticket sales modules.

Production Planning and Stock Tracking Application - Excel VBA

Within the scope of the BRİSA Aksaray Factory project, I developed an Excel VBA based production planning and stock tracking macro in which the production department can perform production planning operations and at the same time provide material stock control.

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